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Welp, dedicated Droid DNA owners, here it comes. Quite possibly the last major update you'll get for the Verizon Droid DNA. Android 4.4.2 and Sense 5.5 are incoming and should be available starting April 24. (That's this Thursday.) Also on board is Sense 5.5. Not a bad update for an aging phone. Enjoy, folks.


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Verizon Droid DNA to get Android 4.4.2, Sense 5.5 starting Thursday


Forgot all about this phone. When I worked for Verizon everyone kept asking about it. How's it hold it up, for you current owners today?

Great, does everything I need, holds all the apps that I want, and continues to stay powered all day. Looking forward to this last update to keep it for another 2 years. Don't like playing the game "jump on the latest phone because it just came out".

Was writing a comment but yours is pretty much exactly what I would say. I would gladly jump to something new it's just that there hasn't been a phone launched yet that's made me feel as if I am behind.

Personally, I like upgrading when it's a big jump, not just an incremental jump.

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I've been pretty happy with mine. I do find myself wishing for longer battery life, and I sometimes get lag when using the camera. Comparing my experience with the phone 18 months after purchase to my Samsung "Droid Needs A Charge" 18 months after...night and day.

The Droid Charge was my last Verizon phone, it switched from LTE to useless EVDO REV A way, way too often, it cost Verizon a customer! I switched to T-Mobile 1yr ago, for the S4, been happy ever since.

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You thought their 3G was unusable? Never thought it was that bad.
Had a phone that ran off 1x... Now that was horrific.

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Screen is still great, camera is pretty good with good lighting, battery life is adequate. So pretty good 15-18 months in. I'm even thinking about using it on AIO after my Verizon contract is up since it came SIM unlocked (no LTE).

My DNA is good enough that I still bounce back and forth between it and my HTC One that big screen, slim profile, and wireless charging. If Verizon hadn't forced HTC to drop the SD card and the 32gb of the Butterfly, the DNA would have been a killer. Thrilled that it's getting upgraded.
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My wife has had a DNA for about 10 months now and my boss bought one in late 2012 so I am very familiar with it. It's still going strong though she would like better battery life and a better camera (her main gripes)...and though she doesn't realize it yet, she's about to run out of internal storage too! But it's a solid, well-built phone with decent speakers. And I still marvel at the superb screen, solid performance, and wireless charging capabilities. Qi charging is something the M8 lacks entirely and Samsung forces as a costly add-on so in that aspect as well as having a 1080P screen the DNA was ahead of its time. .

It's a shame there was never a proper DNA2 on VZW with 2x the storage and bigger battery like the Butterfly J. I think with this update it'll last her another year. I think the G2 is sort of the spiritual successor to the DNA in the underappreciated sleeper hit in VZW's lineup. Also, FWIW, the local BB is still selling DNAs for a penny on contract as of yesterday!

I gave up the Droid DNA and got an HTC One M8. It was totally worth the upgrade in my opinion.

However, my Droid DNA always did its job and I never had problems with it. I just wanted an aluminum phone with amazing speakers and better battery life.

Great phone, but I still highly recommend upgrading to the HTC One M8.

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I totally agree. I've been very happy with my DNA (except the battery life, recently). As I've considered other phones my primary concern has been to find a display at least as good. The DNA has spoiled me for large 1080p displays, I can never get anything less.

The HTC One was disappointing with the 4.7" but the M8 looks fantastic. I'll be switching to that One ASAP.

Best phone I've owned, thus far. That being said, my last phones (in order) were Thunderbolt, iPhone 3Gs, some kind of Blackberry. But it has been relatively trouble free.

Sometimes I love it, sometimes I hate it! Depending on if it is recognizing the SIM card or not. Out of the blue, 9 months into contract it stopped recognizing the SIM card. Thanks to post such as these, I was able to research it quickly and simply walk into VZN and they replaced the SIM card at no charge and sent me on my way. I've had to do this about every 3 months now throughout the remainder of the contract. I'm not complaining too much. They actually take care of the problem in about 10 minutes and it's free. Their customer service has been outstanding for the 18 YEARS I've had their service. Other than that, LOVE the DNA!

Agree I'm not leaving for updates alone... And here we are on a post for a phone no longer sold getting the latest version of Android and best available oem UI the phone can run... On Verizon... Yet people still complain... No one carrier is perfect .. so pick what's important .. network or updates Verizon has done waaaaay better over the last year..if your one phone isn't updated don't say it's just Verizon being bad at updates
Galaxy note 2 & LG optimus G do they have kitkat? They all came out about the same time if I'm not mistaken.... So good job HTC & Verizon
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Wow.....I'm happy for you guys, I really am, but Damn verizon. What the HELL is the hold up for the Note 3? I thought (I know I thought) that the note 3 would get somewhat timely updates, But Damn, the DNA gets KK before the note 3? This is getting retarded.

Ridgerunner, you beat me to that comment. That was the first thing I thought of. WOW! It's amazing how slow the updates come to Samsung phones, especially the Note series.

Samsung is just damn slow with updates. Hasn't that always been known?

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Every other flagship on Verizon has kit kat, but somehow its still Verizon's fault that samsung can't get the update for the note?
Ignorant Verizon hate is ignorant

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How come on every other carrier the Note 3 has KitKat?
How come Verizon customers blame Samsung for Verizon's slowdown of an update?
How come being on Verizon is something for middle aged and old people?
How come kids on Verizon grow up and go to T-Mobile so they can actually use their data?
How come Sprint is cheaper than Verizon?

Sprint Commercial - Sprint Say No to Sharing Comm…:

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Just imagine if Verizon ever had a Nexus, especially a Sammy Nexus, it would surely get updates on time, right? you remember the Samsung Galaxy Nexus? Verizon hasn't gotten another Nexus since.

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Exactly. That particular galaxy nexus never even got the update to 4.3. That's harsh.
And Google even tested the waters with the LTE nexus 7 to see how Verizon would react. Since they were complete jerks about it, though they really can't restrict LTE access, Google went with sprint support in the nexus 5.

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I think Google will stay away from CDMA in general for now on, Sprint and Verizon. The update time gave the Google device a bad name personally. Don't get me wrong I'd get another Goggle device in aheart beat but just not on one of the two mentioned carriers.

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I also remember the evo ... Has HTC not changed??????
Has occurred to you all that Verizon has also?? I'm not saying they are the best at updates but far better than they were .... Many phones have had timely updates and a few haven't

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The rest of us carrier branded Note 3's have seen the upgrade as well as the Euro models too. You should edit your comment to complain about how slow updates come to Verizon branded Samsung phones... But hey, great network and all that stuff.

And every other oem on Verizon has been able to update their flagship phones to kit kat. But hey let's not let that stop us from the ignorant Verizon bashing

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Battery life was not the best but the camera was good, solid display

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ABOUT TIME!!! I've got a matter of months left with this handset. But Still.... About bloody damn time.

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I can see once again samsung is the bastard child to Motorola or anything DROID I will think twice about another brand next time.

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Yes, it's HTC. But it's still a DROID. Thereby getting preferential treatment over anything not.. That's what I believe he was getting at..

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I know, i hate how Samsung is behind the HTC Droid One and the LG Droid G2. They're just treated like red headed stepchildren

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Lol!!!! Verizon, Samsung,iPhone hate is so tired especially when it makes no sense & filled with incorrect info
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I am a sales rep for Verizon and I can tell you that in no way does Verizon put any extra love towards the droid line of devices. They are there simply because there is still a contract with Lucas films.

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My DNA is still working excellent. A slight drop in battery performance but not enough to worry at all. Still gets me through the day with my heavy use days. Best phone I ever bought.

Man, this has by far been the best phone I've owned. I've been on custom roms now for a while but this update will only make everything more stable for the community. Happy to see Verizon and HTC pushing out another major update for it. I will be kind of sad to replace it come November.

Edit: Though I have to say I was hoping we'd see Sense 6 but in all fairness this phone is from 2012, it shipped with Sense 4+ and was kind of the last phone HTC put out before they reinvented themselves with the One in 2013. Still pleased as punch though.

Can anyone who has this phone post the latest software version numbers BEFORE this update? I've been ignoring an update for a while now and was wondering what it was? Currently on Android 4.1.1 Sense 4+ software version 2.08.605.1 710RD I want to keep the old sense but if there is an updated Android version I may take it.

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Ok thanks. That's what I figured. I already have both One phones and have no desire to see the new Sense on my DNA.

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Seriously??? I think u will feel different once u use it .. there is a Major reason it gets so much praise.... I look forward to your thoughts after a week with sense 5.5 running kitkat...

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That is great news for DNA owners. It was a very good phone that was over-looked in my opinion. Glad to see that it's getting a last hurrah.


Ouch with the caps, learn some online etiquette. Posts don't get lost in the sause anymore. *troll mode off*

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Thankfully this update is coming after I upgraded to the M8, or I'd still still be one using the DNA. It was a great phone but the M8 is so much better!

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Man...I'm just not as hot and bothered for kit Kat on my note 3 like many. The minute it installs you lose access to your SD card. I have KK on another device and its not all unicorns and butterflies.

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Love my droid DNA phone when I first bought the phone I read so much on it before I bought it and I tell ya I have been happy ever since and I'm excited for this new update to come, to still b able to experience new OS on this phone is incredible, thank god for having a snapdragon processor

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Not sure what to think of this. What I hope is that it will improve performance, battery life and ease of use. What I expect is to spend way too much time resetting ringtones, the launcher and getting it back into shape.

What I *DO* know is I'm not impressed with the post-release attention HTC gave this "flagship", especially since it got such a massive marketing blitz. I guess the fact Phil used the term "aging phone" is indicative of the pace at which mobile tech moves. Today's top-of-the-line is tomorrow's paperweight.

It has, however, been the best phone I've owned. Perhaps it is because I came from the Thunderbolt and the misery it created. Perhaps I'm mellowing with the approach of middle age. But the DNA is the first phone I've used that hasn't left me with New Phone Fever after 12 months. As of now, I can easily see myself being satisfied with the DNA through the end of my contract in December.

Since 4.4 is supposed to curb power consumption is anyone else hopeful that we'll see better battery life because of this update?

I have been very happy with this phone. My evolution of phones has been BB Storm (ugh!), Droid Incredible, Thunderbolt, now DNA.

This phone has kept me happy and I feel that for the "casual" user these smartphones have reached the flat of the curve with respect to specs and operability.

I can understand the need of "power" users and developers to have the latest and greatest...

I woildnt give up Verizon's super reliable coverage and service just to have a phone that gets incremental updates...

Best new feature: no wifi indicator in the notification panel.

Also, the phone is just a bit more responsive. It was never slow but now it's butter.