Verizon network down

Been getting e-mails from a bunch of you folks this morning saying that Verizon's data network is again struggling. Doesn't look like it's a nationwide outage, which is good, but we've heard from enough of you, suggesting that this may be a thing. So who's having issues, and where are you?


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Verizon data struggling this morning? Sound off here!


Yes, mine has been on and off all morning...I noticed 3G last night as well. I haven't seen much of 3G since the last Bionic update.

2nd time in 2 weeks for me, at the same time it seems, around 6:15 AM CST. I noticed I have full bars of 4G at work, which is odd, and I thought great they fixed some cell sites, and then it went to zero, and I lost everything for 20 minutes.

Have to say that Verizon is not so hot these days.

GNex in Peoria IL

Mine has been hit and miss all morning! taking a crap this morning was sure a bummer as i wasn't able to do anything on my phone! no news no updates ect..

Damn...I'm regretting switching from T-Mobile to Verizon. I should have kept the Galaxy S II or bought a GSM Galaxy Nexus instead of this one.

nothing for about 20 minutes this morning and then 3G came back. Still didn't have LTE when i got to work at 8:40

"America's Most Reliable Network"

what is this the 4th outage in as many months?

is this what you are paying premium prices for? marketing?

i'd be pissed if they were raping me every month. this is like no lube. poor bastards.

why is that my sister lives in houston and said the same thing and switched to sprint. I would think that's a market big red want's coverage it seem like veriozns network is still the best but it is getting worse not better over time and that makes no sense. I have a weird feeling they are throtleing us back with outages due to 4g costing more than they thought.

Had issues this morning in Johnson City TN.... No 4g then 3g disnt have data for about an hour. Tried rebooting several times... Finally have data and 4g back now.

4G has been down and up and down in Phoenix, AZ area. Noticed it was down around 5:00am MST. Not picking up 3G - just dead. Going full bars at Sky Harbor Int'l right now, but was out-cold a few minutes ago.

It stuck for a minute during a 4G/3G hand off, but it's been fine for me so far. As these things ripple through, however, it always seems like I'm the last one to be affected. Cleveland.

My data totally went out this morning, no internet for 3 hours (3G & 4G). still hit and miss. Charleston, SC here

my 30 minute commute to NYC i didnt have any service, but as soon as i got off the subway i had full 4G, so it mustve been quick

LTE wasn't working in the Boston area this morning -- could only get a 3G signal, and only after I switched the network from LTE/CDMA to CDMA only. I was able to get a 4G signal around 9:30 so maybe it is fixed up here.

Aren't you all SO glad you're paying a premium for this awesome service??? Sprint may be slower, but I haven't experienced a data outage yet.

I work for Verizon & I wish people would realize this is not a nationwide outage. Verizon invests the most is the network, so did you ever think they could be working on the towers? 4g is not nationwide yet so if they work on towers to get it in other areas, it may affect your service some. Verizon still has the best coverage & the fastest 4g that you don't have to pay extra for, or be in the service area. Oh, and this is done from a Verizon phone in Georgia, no outage here!

Seriously? If they know that an area is going to have an outage, they should NOTIFY THE CUSTOMERS. I live in the hills outside of San Diego, beyond the reach of cable and dsl, and I rely on the unlimited 4G signal from my GNex for my internet connection. Fortunately, I haven't had an outage today. But what would it cost Verizon to simply notify customers via a text or e-mail when the data connection is going to be down in an area? If they can send me ads about the newest NFL app, they can certainly send service alerts. They just choose not to.

I don't know what department you work in, but do you honestly believe they are working on multiple towers all over the country simultaneously? If you want to be a Verizon spokesperson, you should be apologizing to the people having problems, instead of trying to explain the problems away.

I'm sure you are not authorized to speak on behalf of Verizon, and certainly do not know more then any one else here, so don't try and defend Verizon on this issue. I have been a smart phone customer of verizon since 2007 and I have never experienced data service losses until the LTE network went up. I am currently in a 3G only area and have not had data service since 8am EST. I've also checked into the verizon wireless forum and the motorola forums and there are hundreds of people from all over the country having problems today. Granted it may not be a nationwide outage, but it's still pretty damn big. And if it is "Tower maintenance" then some one should be fired for coordinating half the country to have tower maintenance on the same day... and with out any kind of warning.

No signal here in Westland Michigan. Talked to a verizon rep he said all networks (3G 4G) are down. Some may have intermittent signals due to testing the signal.4G has never really worked for me and my Razr Maxx. Verizon told me to get a new sim card. I did, and still not much of a signal.

Seems the problems keep popping up in the same areas. I still have 3g only so no worries. But I keep thinking of the poor battery performance of LTE phones. 1st generation batteries/1st deployments of LTE. I think it's related.

Madison, WI been having trouble saying on 4G, keeps switching to 3G and for about 10min had no data at all.

Galaxy Nexus

No network connection at all from about 6:45am-8am in MD. Called VZW and of course they claimed that everything was alright with the network, that it was an issue with my Galaxy Nexus and told me to go to the nearest store. Of course, I knew better than to do that. Anyway, I'm in VA now and still no 4G LTE, only have 3G. These outages are getting ridiculous!!!

Destin, FL. NO GO here. Finally kicked on to 1X when I got to work. I'm on WiFi now. I thought it was just my crazy HTC Thunderbolt..

My thunderbolt has no problems but my friend/co-worker's droid razer is having problems. We work near the airport in slc ut

Near Cincinnati, it was totally down when I got up around 7:30 AM, but was back by the time I left the house around 9:30. Was on wifi til then.

Both LTE & 3G down in Indiana, PA around 8am when I took my kids to school. Seems to be OK now, been on WiFi all morning. Droid Bionic 902 Rooted.

4G now back on in Central Alabama...

I totally agree that a simple systems notification ("We'll be working on the network from XXam to XXam...sorry for the inconvenience") would be more than nice--it would be good customer service...VZW really needs to think about how they treat their customer the end of the day, it all impacts the brand.

Woke up wth 1x in Boston, since then I have my LTE back. Had another issue just a few days ago but it was only for a few hours. This is getting ridiculous. Verizon fix this crap or I will leave, I just don't care, I want a signal that works. That is why you can not beat GSM. It just works. I still maintain my T-Mobile account with very fast HSPA+ in my area. I picked up Verizon before they stopped there unlimited data plan. Best of both worlds I think.

No problems with 4g this morning NE of Philly on gnex. Installed a few apps from market, er, play. Wouldn't have known there were issues without this post.

I am an authorized retailer, spoke with customer service, 4G is down nationwide for service. This affects all 4G devices even in non 4G areas. My GNex has been spotty, and nothing from the mifi all day.

Had little or no data at all this morning. It's up now but it was quite annoying to start the day wondering if it was my phone acting funny or Verizon being a pain.

Now you tell me. I had just flashed a new rom and thought that was my problem. Spent the morning reflashing... :(

I am not surprised that Verizon is having network issues. A lot of folks (myself included) said Verizon would be experiencing these issues due to the type of LTE they chose. The spectrum Verizon chose is the big sister of GSM, basically from the same cloth. Couple that with the fact Verizon has been trying to get their CDMA and LTE to dance together with limited success.

Philly area and no service at all. thinking of going back to at&t. been over 2 hours now.. I need my phone working!

Ugh, it started this morning with no 3G or 4G. Been spotty all day. I've been with Verizon for 13 years and I have never had issues like this until they started deploying 4G, they are becoming the most unreliable network. What is this like the 6th outage/disruption so far in less than a year?? That's a very bad track record. I would expect a maximum of 2-3 outages in a year....but not this many in less time! I should have stuck with my 3G phone.

My 4g/3g has been out all afternoon. All I can get is text messages on my Zound. I am in the New Bedford, MA. I dont recall this much data problems when I had my Dinc. This 4g/3g outage seems to happen more then I would like.

I've been having problems all day. First my 3G went out,..I turned on 4g with my nexus and had success for a while,.now im not getting either. First time i've ever had this problem. Im down in South Florida by the way

Verizon signal is struggling in San Francisco, period. I have logged multiple tickets in the last couple of months, but no luck. I even went and got a 4g phone, figuring that this would solve the problem, but allot of times 4g doesn't even connect. VZ in SF = Fail.

Chicago, IL had my new Nexus on Vz for a week, 4G has been unusable 5-10 dropped calls daily signal just vanishes and takes close to 1-2 min to reconnect again. Finally I just turned off 4g completely and have been happily using 3g for the past 2 days...

Visiting Charleston, SC and 4G/3G up and down all day. I'm going to call and ask for a credit. This is BS given how much we pay each month. If there was a real option where I live I would go with it. But it's VZW or U.S. Cellular (no 4G yet). UGH!