Early upgrades will be available for anyone switching to Verizon Edge until the end of March

It seems as though a Verizon-compatbile Nexus 7 isn't the only big news coming out of the carrier tomorrow, as leaked documents show a generous overhaul of its plan offerings. As part of a horribly-named "MORE Everything" initiative, Verizon is set to boost data allowances, reduce prices and restructure its Edge financing discounts.

First up are quick changes to the current Share Everything offerings — 500MB, 1GB and 2GB data tiers are being upped to 1GB, 2GB and 3GB at no additional cost. Better yet, existing Share Everything users will be automatically migrated to the higher data tiers.

For those who are taking advantage of Verizon's Edge financing plans, the smartphone access fee for data tiers less than 8GB per month is being dropped by $10, and the fee if you have over 10GB is being dropped by $20 per month. To incentivize more people over to device financing plans, Verizon will also be offering early upgrades to anyone switching to Edge until the end of March.

These aren't revolutionary changes, but we love to see a little reaction from Verizon to drop the cost of data as both T-Mobile and AT&T have made moves in this direction as of late. We'll have a better feel for all of the promotions when they go live tomorrow.

New Verizon Plans

Source: AndroidPolice; Verizon


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Verizon to boost data allotments, cut prices on Edge plans tomorrow


I was wondering the same thing with att next since we can save some money with the new plans at att.

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seems that way, but you still are essentially under contract. I know it is a different kind of contract, but you are not taking the phone anywhere else until you pay it off...

To which other wireless vendors can you take your Verizon phone? With 4GLTE?

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depends on the phone. If it is a world phone, anywhere. If it is only LTE they are GSM unlocked (as someone said below)

Would love to see them add the 700 shared minutes (with unlimited nights and weekends) and unlimited messaging $30 option to the smartphone plans. Most don't need unlimited minutes.

Moving in the right direction there, which is a good thing. Still not quite near Sprints standards (in my area) or tmo pricing.

Still better than nothing if you have to use VZW, which many do!

Sprint has standards?

Because cricket is better than Sprint in Phoenix and Metro is better than Sprint in Atl ...
With Verizon and AT&T I know it costs more but the networks are worth it
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Do u have all a phone wit all those cell phone providers? because sprint is better than metro in the ATL

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Why yes, I have great Sprint coverage like millions of others that are on the network. Not to mention Now Spark is nearby and I pay less than I would on Tmo.

When did MetroPCS and and Cricket get Unlimited data? Real unlimited, not we will throttle you have used a megabyte data.

The new AT&T plans is where I am going. I really want to stay with verizon because of coverage, but with the new AT&T plans I can save me $20 a month and get my wife a smartphone finally. We both would be getting Nexus 5s and right now she doesn't have one. Its ridiculous what we pay!

I agree AT&T new plans for family is better then what Verizon is offering starting tomorrow. I did the math and on Verizon 2 smartphones on edge and 1 basic line with 10GB would be $191 before taxes. On AT&T I would save like $30 for the same plan. Plus my discount with AT&T is 25% vs 22% on verizon.

I don't understand... I pay 180 a month exactly for 2 phones and 4GB of shared data. 40+40+70 after taxes and insurance 180.

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You will get a discount if you Edge your smartphones, either $10 or $20 depending on data package. Check the article

His math is probably correct as you are missing two things:

1.) The cost of the smartphone on Edge. $20 is just the line access-fee. You also need to factor in the monthly payment for the cell phone. If he got two Note 3s, that would add an extra $50.44 per month to his bill.

2.) His employer discount of 22% would affect the pricing of the data package. A 10 GB package would cost him $78 per month.

So, with two Note 3s on edge, his monthly cost would be $20 + $20 + $52.44 + $78 for a total of $170.44. Include taxes/insurance and it could very easily get to $191 for a monthly bill.

Plus taxes....eek, I'm glad I'm not on contract, 7GB/unlimited - aio - $70 no tax or hidden fees.

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So if you're on a family plan with more than 3gb, this changes nothing? Thanks Verizon!

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Besides the changes to the pricing if you using edge... To be honest the whole push is really for contract free pricing... That's who they're trying to compete with...

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Reading the headline, I thought: wow, Verizon has a GSM network with a EDGE-only data plans...better than 1xRTT I suppose ;)

I think I will be dropping down a level to save $10/mo.

My wife & I are probably both on WiFi 95% of the day between work & home. We've only gotten a 75% usage warning once since going on our 2GB Share Everything plan in Dec '12.

Sounds good, I'll take a cut in cost, and a bump up in data, been on vzw for nearly 8 years, never had any issues with service in my area,, and don't need one of those in home extenders like I see for att, sprint and tmo on a daily basis

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2 lines with 10GB shared data
VZW= $140

2 lines Unlimited everything

Having a working signal everywhere I go.. priceless...

I mean is MBenz's competition is BMW Lexus, etc... Not Toyota and Honda.. so while you can expect companys to adjust to trends in the market, they will not match them in price if their product is just better. At some point u have to pay for what u get ...

Personally if I leave VZW it's for AT&T because they deal with updates(vzw is doing better now days) and get more phones I like ... And I can rely on them just as much as Verizon

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Verizon works for you.

T-Mobile and Verizon work for me.

For once, JUST ONCE, can we not start the carrier cock-measuring contest?

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Maybe, lol.

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Sorry brother, I even tried not to start it by evening out my response above (saying in my area) and it didn't help. Such is life in the AC lane

Yeah, it's all good, brother. I just hate to see people debate a topic that they're never going to win.

Each carrier has its strengths and weaknesses. Pick one that works for you and be happy that you can even afford cell-phone service.

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Both are kinda crippled by price which is big, Verizon gets phones late which is also a bit of a negative. The coverage more than makes up for it...

I think crippled is the incorrect word to use, considering that each can adjust their prices accordingly (which is exactly what Verizon is doing).

Yeah that is true but when you throw in options, the price does come in higher. (unlimited data)

Yes your right though, I am thinking of these things sometimes in what is best for ME pricewise (not talking coverage or any of the rest).

Tmobile is cool too.. only company I absolutely hate is Sprint

But my point is to simply say ... Let's not talk expensive and pricing ..bashing Verizon... Cause face it they cost more..But I understand why.. T-Mobile is cheaper but I understand what they offer too.. people instantly bash Verizon for their cost, well they are not T-Mobile or Sprint nor do they wanna be .. Ur point, I agree with find what the carrier's strong point is and see if it fits u ... If Ur a Hyundia guy , buy a Hyundia thats great don't bash people who choose to pay for a Benz

Maybe I thought the O.P was bashing Verizon and he wasn't.. my bad

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It's all good, brother. I do understand, it's easy to get caught up in this stuff. Hell, I'm guilty of it, too. But, at the end of the day, we're all fans of Android.

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I just listed prices of what it would cost me for 2 lines.
Not really sure how that came across as bashing.

Long day: that's what I get for reading this in a meeting..smh ..again, my bad

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I'm using the the framily plan thing for 2 lines.
It's $50 per line plus $20 each line for unlimited data.
If I'm miscalculating then feel free to enlighten me but I actually looked it up before I posted.
I'm currently paying $150 on sprint for my 2 lines before corporate discount.
And i get free phones every other black friday or cyber monday. or whenever there is a deal.
So I'd be paying more money for the framily thing.
You don't start saving $$$ until you add more lines.

This is a step in the right direction. Good job, Verizon.

But, I can't help but think, this is another step towards Verizon eliminating device subsidies on their network.

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Yes, it is. And, if you think about it, these financing plans are for suckers. Basically, you're paying full price for a phone in exchange for no contract. But you still have to pay the thing off, and most devices sold by carriers really only work best on their network, so you're still locked in with them. The only difference is that you're paying several times more for the phone.

Unsubsidized phones only make sense when all networks use the same standards and frequencies, so you can take that device to any carrier you want to use it on and have it work properly.

i was gonna say something like this. Your still under contract, it is just a different one. Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.

Exactly. What we really need is for phone manufacturers to be required to make phones that will work equally well on any carrier by supporting all bands. In addition, all carrier-specific software must be un-installable. That way, you can take your Verizon phone to T-Mobile and have it work as well as a phone bought from that carrier.

People would think it's crazy to buy a car that you must fill with a certain brand of gas, buy a TV that only worked with one cable or satellite provider, or buy a computer that only works with one ISP. Why do we tolerate this crap when it comes to phones?

Actually, Verizon's phones are all GSM-unlocked.

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But you only get LTE on T-MO and you can't use T-Mo's old HSPA+ that is still live in a lot of places.
Even in my area 1900 is only partially deployed

I think the answer there is when all the legacy devices are gone and everything is LTE-A, but that is 15 years off

But now you save $480 on the MSRP of a phone instead of the $400 of subsidy.
Old prices were $4720 for 2 years if you bought 2 phones at $200 each
New price is $4560 if you buy 2 phones at $600 each
That's a $160 savings over 2 years which is not really a lot in the grand scheme of things but it does cost the consumer less.
And you can be smart and get your phones from Swappa

If Lenovo keeps Moto going in the same direction with quality and pricing I could care less if VZW gets rid of subsidies. I'll have no problem paying $400 in a couple of years for the descendant of the X as long as improvements have been made.

+1 Agreed, brother.

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Yeah if they keep the X8 platform going and this time around use a Snapdragon 800 I'd be game to get it.
Also bigger screen, bigger battery, and better camera.

So, if I read this right I can save $30 total on my three lines (all on Edge & 8GB data) or I can save a total of $50 a month by upgrading to 10GB of data ($20 x 3 - $10 for the upgrade). Hmmm, what to do.....


I wish they would have announced something like "rollover data" though. If I am paying for a bucket of data, it shouldn't expire or go back to them if I only use half of it.

I'm going to play devil's advocate for a second here...

Say you switch to this new tier from Verizon and AT&T and save $30, $40, maybe more off your current bill. But think about when you, your wife, and your two kids need phones... You will HAVE to do their monthly options. Its either that and sign a 2 year, but jack your line cost up anyway so why would you...

I'm glad we're all saving money today, but eventually the bill will go back to where it was. So don't go thinking "Oh sweet! $50 a month saved, I'll go buy myself an Audi!" Cause when you need new phones, hello bill going back up.

Oh and please don't bash me. I switched to the new 10GB from AT&T and I'm saving a ton each month. But when I need to get myself and my mother a new phone... Bill will be about the same with AT&T.


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It was supposed to be ironic... Playing off how people spend more than they really can afford. Way to piss in my Cheerios, kid.

Now I need to go eat some biscuit fritter soup.

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AT&T's plan is $20 cheaper per month for each line if you bring your own phone. With 2 lines for 2 years you have saved $1200. You can buy 2 new Nexus phones for $700 total and still be $500 ahead.

Rules of my house? What that iPhone, SGS, smartphone?

You pay for it. When they were too young to get a real job, they did $50 worth of chores (why yes I paid minimum wage). It was a luxury that they needed to learn to pay for themselves. Most of the time they chose dumb phones and saved the money, and when they got jobs they upgraded

If this is just for Edge customers then this will be the straw that breaks the camel's back for me. I have been buying second hand phones for the last couple years to stay off contract. Hoping that one day LTE will be allowed on Page Plus or some other MVNO. As an off contract customer, not on Edge, if I'm not eligible I'll be buying a brand new Moto X for AT&T.

The only thing changes is if you go with EDGE, you get a discount on your line. If you are buying off contract nothing will change except 25 gb of cloud and the ability to text international numbers w/o additional cost

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They're not going to make it THAT easy, lol.

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I thought that promotion ended?

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Does anybody use international text messaging? Just wondering if this will save you money where it is included now

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My wife uses it and at .25 to send and .10 to receive text torrents from her annoying sister who doesn't seem to understand the term Facebook messenger is free won't be so bad. That alone will probably save me $50 a month.

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My contract is up in May with Verizon. Was just about ready to buy an unlocked Moto X and take it to aio or AT&T. Still might... but this definitely is a tilt in the right direction. I didn't want to lose the coverage, as I do travel a lot and sometimes through some serious sticks. I may not leave after all. Time to do the math....

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It's a good start for Verizon but if I switch to AT&T for their family plan, I'd save a hundred each month. I don't have unlimited data with the Red Devil now, but I have 4 smartphones and share 10gb's of data. $268 with Verizon. AT&T would be $145 ($100 base minus 15% discount equals $85 plus 4 lines at $15 each). Add the taxes and it'll bring it to 165 or so. No brained for me but gonna wait for the S5 to drop.

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i wonder how many people will actually save money, same with the new ATT plans. those prices are only if your phone is paid for. how many people actually still use there phone if its paid for, i know some people do but how many. too bad theres no decent prices if you only have one device.

Love to see them double the 30gb plan I'm on for the same price. Seems like people who pay them the most get boned the most

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