White Motorola Droid RAZR

Verizon this morning also announced that the new Motorola Droid RAZR (read our complete review) will be available in white for the winter holidays. No availability date was given other than "this month," but it'll cost $299.99 with a new two-year contract. You'll also have to have a $39.99-a-month voice plan and $30-a-month data plan.

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IAmAPhoenix says:

So is this the new phone & tablet announcement day? C'mon Nexus!

No back shots of the white Razr?

Edit: back shot was not there when I posted. :)

Firespyer says:

insert Nexus nerd rage post

well said

hoosiercub says:

It is kind of silly that the Nexus wasn't mentioned..

I sure wish the RAZR was a vanilla Android device, because it is pretty.

It would be silly to include the Galaxy Nexus in this press release. It's mainly about the tablets, but they threw in the white Razr because they are both Droids, both Motorola, and Verizon is doing the special promotion if you buy the XYBoard and Razr together.

El Jefe says:

Releasing a white phone IS Verizon's idea of a vanilla android device! LOL!!

Just got the back shot. Merry Christmas. :)

dimsdale says:

Wow. That's really amazing. The phone is white.
The sheeple need white phones to pray to.

ceriem says:

I hate when manufacturers leave the entire front of the phone black (as well as most of the back in this case) and call it a "white" phone. From the front, which is what you're looking at when you use the phone, it's basically the same.

ddaydev says:

this phone looks great with the white but i still think the og evo pulls of the orea look the best

dcdttu says:

Why don't they announce the g__damned Galaxy Nexus instead?

jakeh0 says:

that's it. verizon is trolling us.

nhf7170 says:

Doesn't Apple have a patent on white phones? I smell a lawsuit coming on.

leerage says:

They invented white phones so yeah.... here comes the lawsuit.

El Cantante says:

That's more of a mulatto phone. Wouldn't call that white

mthand says:

Natanya's pretty cute.

All I got.

It looks sweet to me.

LeanNSupreme says:

Please make a GSM version!

This would be a good phone to have if you were an Empire Stormtrooper.

THAT'S IT!!! That's why they did it. Droid is a LucasArts trademark. So I wouldn't doubt it at all.

Hmmm, I like it.

While all well and good, announce the Nexus already. Stop stalling with this stuff.

dguidry12 says:

Can someone please hip me to why in the heck do people pay a premium for EVERYTHING on Verizon Wireless..Same specd phones on other carries are 100 bucks cheaper..Are people this stupid??