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Live Sunday regional games, playoff games and Super Bowl added to the deal starting in 2014

Verizon and the NFL announced today that the companies are making a multi-year extension to their current agreement, which will continue to make Verizon the official mobile network streaming partner for NFL in the U.S. Starting this season, the NFL Mobile app from Verizon will receive a facelift, with new ways for fans to interact with stats, news, game previews, on-demand video, fantasy teams and alerts. As is the case currently, Verizon customers will have access to all Thursday, Sunday and Monday games streaming on their devices for $5 per month. Beginning with the 2014 season that coverage will expand to include local Sunday afternoon games from CBS and Fox, along with all playoff games and the Super Bowl.

This is great for Verizon customers that want to keep up with the NFL while out of the house, but unfortunate for the other couple hundred million subscribers on other carriers. The specific length and terms of the deal between the NFL and Verizon aren't known, but we have to assume that it will continue for some time, leaving everyone else that wants access to live video of NFL games on mobile in the cold. Verizon customers can be on the lookout for the updated NFL Mobile app in the near future.

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Verizon and NFL extend deal to offer streaming games to customers


I agree with you I don't see the point making it carrier specific at all. They would generate more income from those that want the content whatever carrier they were using.

I have been saying that for years in regards to the exclusivity given to Direct TV for the Sunday Ticket. They lose out on reaching more fans that way. Not everyone has Direct TV and not everyone has Verizon.

Directv has only select channels "anywhere". If you are on your home network than you can watch tv anywhere in your house.

Lame. The NFL would make so much more money selling this to customers individually. This is one area where MLB definitely has more sense.

I wouldn't say the MLB has more sense, they black out all local games. They would make a killing if they lifted that blackout rule. At least this allows you to watch local NFL games, even if it is only on one carrier.

Still have to pay 5 per month so it's not like it's a freebie but I don't really care for it anyhow. If it were free I'd say it would be a great deal.

Yes well anything that's free is probably a pretty good deal. The NFL season plus playoffs is 5 months. So we're talking 25 bucks. I spent more than half of that tonight on deli sandwiches for dinner for my wife an I. If you ask me this is incredibly cheap.

I'm usually at home Sundays and I have the Red Zone channel, so this might not be for me, but if I had to be away from the house often on Sundays this would be a no-brainer.

That's what they want you to believe. Yes only 5 bucks a month. But the real profit will be the intense data overage charges that they will reap from people burning through their data. Soon there will be a 5 dollar app targeted to each demographic until they find on that sticks. Football not your thing? Don't worry, they will come up with something to intice, and lure you in just the same. I keep my devices locked on wifi the entire time I'm at home, at work, and make sure that whenever I'm at a restaurant, I'm asking for the wifi password. Don't be a dummy, save the money. This is not a good deal...

So much butt hurt. And yet when there is a negative Verizon story, all you see "that's why I left" etc

It's not a Verizon kvetch, it's an NFL thing. It was just as retarded when it was Sprint (and I had Sprint at the time). It's simply stupid to go carrier specific, no matter what carrier it is.

That said, when it was Sprint, data was unlimited and the access was FREE. Leave it to VZW to ding their customers again.

Seems like major sports leagues all have official wireless partners.

NFL: Verizon Wireless
NBA: Sprint
NASCAR: Sprint
NHL: Verizon Wireless
MLB: T-Mobile

First, NASCAR is not a sport. Neither is golf, bowling or darts.
Second, all sports leagues also have official banks, drinks, clothes, etc. That doesn't mean you can't get content through other providers. I.e. I get all the baseball games on my StraightTalk phone for instance.

I hate to break it to you, but golf is a sport. NASCAR on the other hand is just left turns, so I agree with you on NASCAR not being a sport.

This would be more meaningful if Verizon wasn't also charging us for the data usage to watch the games...

Sometimes I forget how lucky I am to still have unlimited data on Verizon. But you're right...if I was on a tiered plan this would just anger me because I'd never be able to use it considering how much data this will eat through.

I had to use this app last year when I worked during the week and had to miss MNF and ThNF. It did the job. Wasn't the best in my eyes, but it did the job in a pinch. Lots of stuttering and rebooting needed, even in strong 4G coverage.

My main issue, however, is the NFL Mobile app overrides Watch ESPN. Even though there is a deal for ESPN to show MNF on its Watch ESPN app, if you have Verizon, you get blacked out and told the game is not available, forcing you to watch it on the NFL Mobile app with its monthly fee. Meanwhile, everyone else on every other carrier can watch it free on Watch ESPN (assuming they have a cable package and company that agrees to include Watch ESPN, of course.)

And the quality on Watch ESPN was vastly superior to that of the NFL Mobile app. In fact, if you were on Watch ESPN for the MNF pregame, and didn't turn the app off, you could stay with Watch ESPN until you changed cell phone towers or Internet sources, and then it booted you for the rest of the game and forced you back to NFL Mobile.

The app may be nice for some, I suppose, but I hope this NFL season, I am working a different schedule and don't have to rely on it again.

People saying the NFL would make more money and have more fans, the NFL ain't hurting for either. They print money and the league is most popular sport in this country.

Thank God I have slingplayer and Sprint unlimited. You'll have to bite the bullet for the hardware and app fee, but it really has solved my issues with carrier exclusivity and blackouts. Plus it's like having my entire entertainment center in my pocket.