Vector 48: 64-bit, ART, Android Extension Pack, and the state of the chipsets

Vector is a news and analysis show focusing on the biggest stories, hottest trends, and most important issues in technology, past, present, and future. On this week's show, Anand Shimpi of AnandTech joins Rene to talk about 64-bit processors, mobile GPUs, ART, Extension Pack, Swift, Metal, camera and battery technology, and more!

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josegb2011 says:

Late this year but really next year will we see some real processing power hopefully with better battery efficiency. With both art and 64 bit, can't wait.for.project tango seems pretty cool hologram phones in the.near future?

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Impulses says:

Anandtech's awesome but Anand's also very well spoken in podcasts and such. Gonna listen to this in the car today...

megatomic says:

Anand is very knowledgeable, I've been a member of his community since 1999. I'm looking forward to listening to this podcast also.

mzanette says:

All I know is my new phone in 2015 will be kick ass!

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vcarvega says:

Agreed. I'm going to buy whatever Google's new tablet is this year, but I'll be waiting until next year to replace my Nexus 5... Can't wait to see what is available Fall of next year!