Valentine's Day contest

A few days back we started up a great contest where you and your Valentine could win a Nexus 4 and a Nexus 7. We're loving the response and all the pictures of the happy couples. It's awesome to see the people who make Android Central what it is, and just how normal we all are. Looking through the contest thread and seeing folks from all walks of life, of every shape and color, united because we all use the same smartphone operating system makes us feel good inside. Really good.

So we're going to turn it up to 11.

Right now we're at 38 pages full of entries. If (and when!) we hit 50 pages, we're going to double the prize. That means two entries will have a chance to win a Nexus 4 and a Nexus 7. In fact, if it can grow to 75 pages, we'll triple things, and give away three Nexus 4s and three Nexus 7s! A reminder of how this one works:

  • To enter this contest, you will need to post in this forum thread. <--------- Use that link right there. Don't use the comments in this post. (Those of you who do shall be mocked mercilessly.)
  • This is our first couples contest. It's going to require a picture of you and your significant other. Guy, gal, four-legged friend. Doesn't matter to us. We wanna see you with someone you care about. Or at least someone you bribed for a picture. (Or if all else fails, show us a pic of you and your beloved phone.)
  • Those who post pictures (again, do it in that forum thread) of you and your significant other get entered to win some great grand prizes: A 32GB Wifi Nexus 7 and a 16GB Nexus 4. Plus we'll throw in a couple of sweet LloydGear T-shirts for each set of winners.
  • Five runners-up will receive Lloyd T-shirts.

The contest ends February 15 at 8 am Eastern time. Be sure to get entered, and let's push this thing as far as we can.

There are 20 comments

jean15paul says:

Does the pic have to be taken with an Android device?

Nope! Have at it

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Floss82 says:

Awesome... Hope you guys pick me:)

atlas9171 says:

Well that is purdy frickin awesome, hopefully I'll be one of the lucky winners :)

stanlyric says:

You guys are awesome! That is all! ;) You'll find my share of love on page #13

Gabhpr says:

I actually took a pic for the contest.
I don't think I can compete with some of those planned photos
Some of them are just amazing

Also when are you announcing the winners ?

godnikeboy says:

Can someone help me how to post pictures in the forum? Do i need to upload my pic somewhere, then copy the url of that page? Thanks!

dadds27 says:

i used it has a direct link address you can copy

dadds27 says:

i just wanted to say that this contest has really brought a smile to my face. its refreshing to see people being happy on the internet these days. just wanted to say thanks jerry and the ac crew for creating this contest.

dovlek says:

The thing is you have that many Nexus??? Lol jk

atlas9171 says:

In his defense, he didn't actually say the winners would receive it right away. Odds are it's going to be a couple

adinofaries says:

Nice pic Phil.

return_0 says:

That's awesome!

Yahsaves says:

Great contest

When and how will we know the winners ?