No Picasa for iPad

Take a lot of photos? Do you use Picasa to sort and store them? If so, here’s another reason to look towards Mountain View when buying a tablet. Our SPE sister site The iPhone Blog reports the latest from Apple CEO (and part time CSR) Steve Jobs.

…Are there any plans to support Picasa’s faces and albums in iTunes, so I can take full advantage of the [iPad] Photos application, since Photoshop Album is long discontinued. If not, please can you look into supporting the Picasa library format?

And the response from Steve Jobs:

No, but iPhoto on the Mac has much better Faces and Places features.

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Granted, it’s his baby and he can decide who and what to support, but the list of iDont’s seems to get bigger each time we hear from Mr. Jobs about this thing. If you’re not using a Mac with Faces and Places, don’t fret. Android has you covered.

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Use Picasa? It's another reason to be on Android


Was thinking this same thing just yesterday. I won't pretend to tell Apple how to market products, but being the "good guy" got them where they are today IMO.

I really like Apple, but seeing them going to sue anyone who copies the iPhone, taking HTC to court and now iPad plain silly.

I love my imultimedia, I mean iPhone. (LOL) However, IMO the Nexus One or any other Android phone is the way to go.

Steve Jobs said back n 2007. Jobs: "5-years ahead of what's on any other phone" Well, little did he know, they would all catch up pretty fast.

(2007) Jobs+iPhone = Was thinking: Rule the cell phone industry
(2008-2010) Android phones catching up to iPhone.
(2010) Jobs greed somewhat hurt sales & image

But you can use winamp on the ipad... right? If not, I say riot.

My question is this.. does anybody except ipod users even WANT a tablet? I can see why ipod users would want one: obviously, it's an upsized uber powered version that runs all of your apps, apps you can share with up to 5 of them. People have been saying "i wish I had one of things things about yea big (frames about exact size of ipad with hands)" BUT... If you've already got a netbook or laptop you're happy with.. what's the point of a tablet?

I could give a crap about what's available on the iPad, but you bring up a good point.

I may have missed something, but did Google actually make a native Picasa app for Android? I got news for you; Droid Doesn't!

I can upload pictures roght to Facebook, I can stream video to, but Picasa app. Big fail, Google.

Hey myriad, I'm running 2.1 on my droid right now and the gallery let's me view and upload to my picasa account.

Picasa is not available for this operating system. Is the message I get when logging into picasa's website. I would like to edit pics on the tablet but can not yet with the android operating system using picasa. There are other apps out there but one would think that Google would have been on this and make an official Picasa app. On the app market there are lots of fake picasa apps so beware just because it has the logo its not Picasa.

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