USAA Mobile

USAA continues to make improvements to its mobile banking and account management app today with several UI and bug fixes. An important fix was made to let users on Jelly Bean properly log in and use their PIN with the app, and another bug that kept users on Android 3.1 and higher from doing person-to-person transfers. USAA has also now added the ability to fund an account when you create one from the app -- an interesting feature -- by scanning a blank check from another bank. 

You may not be a USAA customer (yet) but the app is definitely worth a look if you are. You can grab a download at the Play Store link above.


Reader comments

USAA Mobile adds Jelly Bean fixes and account funding options


Apparently from reading the comments on Google Play as well as my own experience it isnt opening for anyone now.

It fixed the logins but completely broke Deposit@Mobile for most of the day. It might have been a server issue, it seems to be finally working now. Earlier I had to make a deposit and finally gave up on the Android app and used my iPad.

There should be an option in the Play Store to revert to a previous version if the "current/new" version gives you problems.

I had to go into system settings and clear data on the app, then re-launch the app in order to log in. Since doing that, it now allows me to log in via PIN.

works fine on my GS3. Great banking app. Have not seen another banking app that compares. I have used: US Bank, BOA and my local credit union (worst of all).