US Cellular Samsung Galaxy S II

US Cellular's Samsung Galaxy S II may hit stores on March 1, according to an internal document sent to Android Central. The memo, titled "Samsung Galaxy S II Equipment Launch Announcement" is dated Feb. 20 -- the day before the regional carrier actually announced the device. The memo reads as follows:

The Device Launch Management team is pleased to announce the forthcoming launch of the Samsung Galaxy S II on March 1, 2012.

Samsung and US Cellular are proud to launch the Samsung Galaxy S II a high end 3G Android-powered device. Based upon the success of the Samsung Mesmerize, we have worked with Samsung and [are] now able to offer our customers another great 3G Samsung Galaxy product. Maintaining a strong 3G portfolio is critical to our device line-up and the Samsung Galaxy S II is a perfect fit.

All stores are expected to have the Galaxy S II by March 1, according to the memo, but it also sounds like some may see it sooner. As always, nothing's official until it's official -- we've seen these sorts of things change before. And there's no still mention of an upgrade to Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. 

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USCC Samsung Galaxy S II


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US Cellular's Galaxy S II may drop March 1


"US Cellular's Galaxy S II may drop March 1"

If it drops $130, that would put it at $99. That would be a fair price for a year old phone.

Amen. I had been waiting for this phone for months but when they gave the price I said no way for a year old device so I went with the Electricfy

yeah I did too. the benefits of the GSII are only marginal above what the Electrify has, and IMO not worth $80 more for it. USCC failed hard on this device:

1) way too long to release
2) too expensive
3) doesn't have 4G capability

Sometimes I wonder who makes some of these decisions at that company...

Do you even have 4G coverage in your area? If not, then what does it matter? A 4G device without 4G coverage is like watching a black and white movie with a color TV. Doesn't exactly do you any justice. As far as marketing goes, yes for the general public who doesn't have a clue they should have made this a 4G device. But as far as the actual need for the I need to restate the above Comment?

Actually, it's not. Is about 4 Months old. Even if your referring to the photon version, it's only 8 months old. Get your facts straight in the future to prevent being called out as a dumb fu©*.

My wife and daughters have USCC. I use to be a customer, but I push technology to work hard for me. USCC is always so far behind in technology and slow to update the system software. Too bad...they are a great carrier with old hardware. I wish USCC could at least only be 3 months behind, that might be tolerable.

U know, I gotta call u out on this one. What technology could u possibly be talking about that's so advanced? 4G? ICS? 5" screen? With the exception of 4G, none of these things are so much more technologically advanced that they have something significant to offer. Basically, your full of $#!+. You try to make it sound like you have some sort of super phone with a quad-core processor here.

First galaxy S II released in the U.S. Was by sprint last September...for those who have an apparent time perception problem. That is 6 months not a year. I agree U.S. Cellular needs to start bringing in the latest devices sooner, I don't see how literally over exaggerating by 100% better proves your point though.

I have the samsung mesmerize(galaxy s). Already they dont sell the accessories to the phone. I just bought this phone in dec of 2011. I cant upgrade yet. What is this going to do to my phone.