US Cellular Samsung Galaxy S II

It's been a couple months now since we broke the news that US Cellular would be getting the Samsung Galaxy S II, and today the carrier manufacturer made it official. Samsung's flagship phone from 2011 will be making its debut on the regional carrier sometime in the future (no date was given) and it'll launch with Android 2.3 Gingerbread. Don't everybody go rushing to the store at once.

That's not to say you'll be getting a bad phone -- it'll cost $229.99 after $100 mail-in rebate. It's odd timing considering we'll be seeing new fare from Samsung in the coming weeks and months, most likely. And nor is it slated for USCC's fledgling LTE network. But you do get Samsung's 1.2GHz dual-core Exynos processor, an 8MP rear camera and 16GB of storage tucked into that 4.5-inch form factor, which is nice, we suppose.

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US Cellular officially getting the Samsung Galaxy S II


Is that a mock-up because it looks exactly like the Sprint GSII Epic 4G Touch with a silver camera housing instead of black.

The Samsung Galaxy S II came out in April 2011. They are down to $99 on contract.

Maybe US Cellular means that they will release the S III?

Just like USCC. Get a phone that's a year behind with decent specs, but why no LTE? I just don't get it. I've been itching to replace my HTC Desire but I still don't have a clear choice if I want to stay at USCC.

I was in the same boat as you patiently awaiting something while being a little tired of CM7 HTC Desire on USCC. After seeing their 4G offering, realizing that Chicago will see LTE no sooner than Winter 2012, that their SGS2 will be at least $200 when it realeases... I decided to take advantage of T-Mobile's Valentine's Day deal and got a 2 year family plan with 2 FREE SGS2's and my monthly dues are $30 cheaper than USCC. PS: Used up the stupid Belief Points by buying a new BB Curve, which I'm planning to sell on ebay ;)

I thought about making the same move. I hesitated because I've heard people complain about bad service on t-mobile. Now seeing this, I wish I made the move.

Interesting that they finally announce this. Seems like the 3G choices will be the SGS2 or Electrify, and the 4G SGS (odd step backwards to go 4G). I was hoping to see the SGS2 come out so I can upgrade from the Mesmerize. As always, a little slow to the game, but at least they are adding choices.

Exactly what I was thinking. End of next month would be nice because god I need a phone, but that, like many Android on US Cellular dreams, are pipe dreams.

Ill be taking advantage of Verizon's double data offer as i have been dealing with data issues for ten months and have had it with uscc.

You mean you're NOT one of the happiest customers in wireless???

But US Cellular has great things like: upcoming 4G LTE but probably not in your area, a debut 4G LTE phone with hardware from 2 years ago, overpriced high-end android phones from last year but with no 4G, and radio commercials with the unfunny-creepy-guy-host-who-you've-never-heard-of-before!!

US Cellular...keeping it fresh-ish!

Why can't we get the 3-button format the rest of the world uses? I'm hoping ICS will force stupid US carriers into the 3 button format or no button format at least.