Motorola Electrify

You might recall the Motorola Electrify from the US Cellular roadmap we broke last month. It's now officially official, coming to the regional carrier later this month for $199 on contract and after $100 rebate.

The Motorola Electrify basically is USCC's version of Sprint's Photon 4G (read our full review), with a 4.3-inch screen at a qHD, dual-core 1GHz processor, HDMI out and the other sundry smartphone options.

Source: US Cellular; More: US Cellular roadmap


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US Cellular getting the Motorola Electrify later this month for $199


I"m trying to make myself wait for some (hopefully) good Black Friday sales...seeing this actually on the uscc website makes it harder!

I have the Photon 4G in Sprint and I love it. It's super fast, the Tegra II processor works like a champ, and also the 1GB of ram, which to the best of my knowledge is DDR2 RAM, it is faster than other phone's RAM. .... is the perfect size not too big, not small, it's a world phone... I can use it all over the world.. I also like the features that Motorola add to the phone.. makes Android better and it does not eat ram like sense in HTC phones.. The battery performance in normal for a smart phone... not great, not bad either... much better than the EVO 4G.. IT comes with a software for your computer, MAC or Windows that synchronizes with itunes, and when you plug the phone the songs will go into your phone... so no ipod required!!. What I don't like... I come from webOS, so I don't like the multitasking from Android.. but that is android not the Photon.. nothing is perfect.... I love this phone.. you will love it too...

Do you travel all over the world on a weekly or even monthly basis? When I say travel, I mean business or for pleasure including all continents.

Photon is great, by far the best phone I have owned. Great out of the box battery life, stability and performance.

Phil you linked the part 1 or mini review in this article. Will there be no part 2 or full review?

While the Electrify and the Photon appear to have the same body and many of the same specs, the US Cellular website DOES NOT say that this is a 4G phone and the Electrify specs that I have seen floating around the internet suggest that it is 3G only. Can anyone bring any clarity to this?

Also, for those waiting for that Black Friday Sale....the last two years, the week before Christmas, ALL US Cellular phones are FREE. Don't know that it will happen this year, but I would not be surprised.

That is an interesting tidbit about the week before Christmas. I suppose if you time it right, you'd still be within the 30 days for a "price guarantee".

To my knowledge it is 3G only...but who knows, maybe they threw a 4G chip in there that can be activated later. I doubt it, but you never know...stranger things have happened (like the mesmerize getting gingerbread so quickly, and it actually being somewhat stable!)

USCC is my personal phone, carrier. This will be a Great addition, and their FB Fan page is going crazy! USCC will also be rolling out LTE to 25% of it customer's, by years end. So if this phone doesn't come 4G, folks will know to wait for a Big Dog LTE handset, late in the year. If they are in the early markets. Questions abound for USCC customers yet. Will the known issues with the Photon, affect the launch date of the Electrify? Will the SGS2 in testing, be the 4.3" or 4.52" version? Will the tiered data plans start this year? Will we have an added 4G/LTE tax to deal with? (my guess is yes, when tiered starts) Will anyone at AC call and ask these tough questions? L o l : - ) -- Thanks Phil.

Good points steve...I know to some people 4G is really important. To me, I'm not too concerned about the Electrify not being 4G. I'm not in any of the early 4G markets (Chicago...go figure!) and besides, to me I'd rather not be a 4G early adapter. There's some things I'll jump on, but I'd rather wait and see what they do with 4G pricing, data amounts, tiered data, etc, before I worry about a 4G phone.
And I know that within a few months, the Electrify's specs will look really dated compared to the newest phones, but I'm happy with those specs. Besides, with USCC always being behind on their releases, any "powerhouse" phone we get is already going to be a few months behind the curve. But for the value I get with my family plan, I can handle that part. I also figure with uscc's belief points, if I want to upgrade in another year, I'll have close to what I need.