US Cellular is gearing up an update for the Galaxy S3 (Galaxy S III), and while it's not Jelly Bean, it could be a pretty big deal. Besides the normal tweaking things, fixing old bugs, and introducing new ones that a maintenance release always brings, there's some evidence that this update will bring Google Wallet officially to the phone. This would mark the Galaxy S III as the first carrier approved device outside of Sprint to have official support.

First, let's talk about the update. It's definitely coming soonish, as it's already listed at US Cellular's Android downloads page. The new baseband will be R530UVXLI4, and be available OTA or via Samsung's Simple Upgrade Tool for Windows. There's no official change log, and the download isn't live from Samsung just yet, but the information is there and can't be unseen. We're pretty sure it is coming, and if we suggest you get ready and start checking for an OTA.

Now, about that Google Wallet. Android Police has a leaked internal document showing that Google Wallet will be included in the update, and that it's going live today. That's a big deal, as it's the first time a carrier besides Sprint decided to give Google's NFC payment process a chance. Other carriers have been putting time and effort into the ISIS payment system, and Verizon has actively attempted to keep users from keeping and updating Wallet on the Galaxy Nexus, doing everything short of blocking the app through Google Play. What this means for the future of Google Wallet is anyone's guess, but it's a move towards wider adoption ad that's a good thing.

Are you a US Cellular subscriber? Have you seen the update yet? Be sure to shout out in the comments and in the forums to let others know your experience.

Source: US Cellular; Android Police


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US Cellular Galaxy S3 getting a minor update that might have Google Wallet on board


I don't have an update yet, but I've honestly never seen a place where I can use Google Wallet because of where I live. Nice to have the heads up about an update, though.
Edit: Got the update, here are some apps I don't recognize: Audible, Dialy Perks (probably part of their shopping deals thing), Flipboard, IMDb, Mobile TV, Play Magazines, Play Movie & TV, Slacker Radio, Top HD Games, Wallet, Zappos. Some of those might have already been there, but are apps I don't remember those being there before. You can "disable" them, but not get rid of them. i.e. bloatware and crap :/

Keyboard update? Mine seems to be the same, which sucks because the layout for the stock keyboard is awful. I want a comma and apostrophe without opening a page of symbols.

Unless it has always been there and I didn't notice.... long press the Mic button and there is a text Draw option.

I don't have the update yet, but bring it on!!! I've been jumping at the bit to get wallet, even if I can't use it, just to say I have it on my phone!!!!!!!

Just got the update. Google wallet is here. A few extra apps have been added. The system runs very smooth and a bit quicker. Seems pretty damn good thus far. US Cellular customer.

My phone is getting a stronger wifi signal using my home wifi system. Three and four bars instead of only one. Great! The update is painless.