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Pre-orders for the Samsung Galaxy S III are now under way (online) at US Cellular, with the 32GB version coming in Marble White, and the 16GB version coming in the same white or Pebble Blue. There's no official word on off-contract pricing, but with contracts and/or subsidies the 16GB version will set you back $199, and the 32GB version costs $249. Both prices are after a $100 mail-in-rebate, though, so you'll be paying more up front.

We figured US Cellular would be getting a version of the Galaxy S III, but hearing it announced at the same time (and delivered in the same timeframe -- "July") as the more-common carriers here in the states was a bit of a shocker. Customers on USCC are in for a treat we think, especially those in US Cellular's LTE areas. If you're thinking of picking this one up, hit the link below for more information. If you're on the fence, read Alex's über-review to help you decide.

Preorder now: US Cellular


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US Cellular Galaxy S III pre-orders now live!


With the crap that VZW is pulling with their share plans, USCC is looking a lot better to me. Just wish they had LTE here in Omaha.

USCC is a good "Super Regional" Provider. Plus they're far less concerned with bloating-out their phones than either VZW or AT&T. Too bad they're not an option here in Florida.

Woo Hoo! A long time coming, getting this at the same time as the Big Boys. Thanks for putting this out there Jerry, they are a Spectacular Company. One & done contracts, and belief points for very early upgrades. The customer service is Midwest friendly too. with call centers in Iowa, Oklahoma, and Wisconsin (maybe Indiana too?)

We are also excited about having available a 32GB model as an option. Many of us have already purchased our 64GB cards. Yes that's right folks, we will be Rockin 96GB phones here at U.S. Cellular! : - ) AND with 2 GB of RAM!! How sweet is that?

Good for US Cellular! They're not available near me and I love my service on T-Mobile but its really nice to see them thriving and actually putting forth the effort of the big boys. - D Congrats on offering the 32GB version also, something Att can't say they offer.

ARE U KIDDING ME?!? They JUST released their SGS2 like 2 months ago. It's good that they're getting this phone, but way to F*CK all your customers that got the SGS2, US Cellular. Thanks a lot.