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Fifth-place US carrier US Cellular (yes, there is a fifth place behind the all-swallowing big four) plans to dramatically expand their LTE footprint this year by the number of 1200 sites. They'll be switching on new 4G services in 13 states, and by the end of the year plan to cover 93% of their customers. For a full list of where to expect LTE by year's end, check out the press release after the break.

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Press release:

U.S. Cellular Announces New Markets to Receive 4G LTE Service in 2014

CHICAGO (April 8, 2014) – U.S. Cellular (NYSE: USM), in conjunction with its partner, King Street Wireless, announced that it will be adding more than 1,200 4G LTE cell sites in 2014 and expanding existing 4G LTE service in 13 states. By the end of 2014, more than 93 percent of U.S. Cellular customers will have access to 4G LTE speeds that are up to 10 times faster than 3G.

This latest U.S. Cellular network expansion adds vast 4G LTE coverage in Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, Oklahoma and North Carolina and also brings additional 4G LTE service to areas in Iowa, Illinois, Maine, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia and Wisconsin. Some of the new cities that will receive 4G LTE speeds are Oklahoma City, Emporia, Kan., and areas of Door County, Wis.

"We are a community carrier that is focused on small and mid-size cities, and we provide a network that works where our customers live, work and play," said Michael S. Irizarry, executive vice president and chief technology officer. "This network expansion brings fast 4G LTE speeds to areas that other carriers ignore, and we will continue to provide our customers the best-in-class network, devices and technology that gives them access to experiences that enrich their lives."

4G LTE speeds provide an enhanced wireless experience with fast web browsing, smooth video streaming, video chatting and speedy app downloads. U.S. Cellular keeps customers connected with devices for a variety of needs, from 4G LTE smartphones, tablets, and hotspots to vehicle monitoring and home phone solutions.

U.S. Cellular customers get more compared to other wireless carriers, including a rewards program that recognizes loyalty, great customer service and a network that covers you wherever you want to go. For more information about the 4G LTE experience, visit


Reader comments

US Cellular to fire up LTE at more than 1200 sites in 2014


I'm from Northern Maine and had US Cellular when I lived there. That was before smartphones but from what I remember they were WAY cheaper than other carriers. $25 for unlimited everything.... Talk and text back then. lol

As a frequent traveler between Wisconsin and Texas, I welcome these changes wholeheartedly! It was always such a pain to cross into Texas and watch my battery drain in a few hours (on a Note II!) because it was constantly roaming. Of course, it will be MUCH more pleasant on the drive (as a passenger) to and fro having 4G as well!

They could open up in every market in the states and I wouldn't go back to them. 9 1/2 years with them then last July they changed their billing program and it's still %$^#@@$ up. Billed me 3 times in 11 days... Then said there was nothing wrong with that...SMH. Switched to T-Mobile and been happy ever after

I always laugh when people say U.S. Cellular is "in fifth place." Anecdotal, but they're the only carrier who offer service where I live. However, they offer roaming on Verizon and Sprint, so I basically get signal everywhere those carrier's customers do. I know roaming technically doesn't count, but as someone who remembers when cellular phones were considered an emergency tool, being able to get a call out is all that matters in my book. So, from a certain point of view, U.S. Cellular is the largest US carrier. But that's very flaky logic, so I won't stand behind it, but merely point out that it exists.

Oh, and U.S. Cellular doesn't lock bootloaders or block root exploits, either. Your device, your rules... they're not obligated to honor your warranty if you do, but I've heard anecdotes that they will. Depends on the technician. Someone said they're cheap. False. 1200 minutes, unlimited SMS/MMS, 5GB data, is $85 a month. I have two lines. I have an old plan, so their current plans cost more for the same or the same for less. Their pricing is very close to Verizon's. But Verizon will lock the bootloader of your phone unless you pay more for a "Developer Edition." My Galaxy S3 is unlocked, rooted, and running KitKat firmware from Slim, forked by LiquidSmooth, and built less than a week ago. I get signal everywhere I go. 32GB microSD card, 4400mAh battery. And a FlyGrip. Couldn't be much happier. Except the S3 has a crappy modem in it. Par for Samsung I suppose... my last Samsung had a crappy radio too. I can tether, too (policy is don't ask, don't tell) but I don't.