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Updated app also reportedly runs much faster than the current version

A couple of Samsung's apps due for update have already leaked out, and today we're getting a look at another. The folks at SamMobile have obtained a look at a new version of S-Voice, Samsung's voice activated personal assistant. The first thing you notice is the appearance – it's gone all flat and teal. Personally, I quite like the new color scheme, but equally its sure to be some folks distaste as well. 

There's a whole bunch of screenshots to take a look at – head over to the source link for more – but beyond form, the function is reportedly much better, too. SamMobile notes that while not as responsive to accents as Google Now, it is noticeably faster than the current version. As with any leaks though, we'll reserve final judgment until we see it on a device in our hands. And that might not be so far away.

Source: SamMobile


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Updated Samsung S-Voice app leaks, flatter appearance in tow


Not convinced :( I like the 'old' look better. In any case, unless it REALLY improves, I still pick Google Now.

LAWSUIT imminent!
Apple Siri lovers rejoice, as you can now expect higher share profits when Apple wins this litigation.

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(ZeroLemon 7000mAh battery)

Stopping what? Giving customers what they want? You can get the gpe version. I love the features on my Note

Kit Kat tastes like Jellybeans. Can't tell them apart...

Really, you think Samsung is known for giving customers what they want? You really think they're gonna update devices with this? Don't hold your breath. All they're gonna do is release a new device with new features and not update or support the ones that just came out a year or less. Getting sick of the BS.

You can be mad all you want but, they continue to do well and no matter how much tech nerds and commentators froth at the mouth about Samsung they are the biggest and most profitable Android manufacturer.

Let see this message after 3-5 years on 2017-2019 and see how well Samsung is going. Unhappy customers is a growning number within Samsung. And people tends to recommend or not recommend phones/tablets to friends and also writes opinions to internet. If your friend, whom you trust, says it is better to stay away from Samsung, would you still buy a samtoy? If yoy read many unhappy comments about Samsung, will you be still interested in a samtoy? Atleast Im always checking reviews and net before buying any new device. And if there are unhappy customers around the world, I skip the product. You dont? Of course you can always say that most of people dont read reviews etc., but most of those people buy only cheap devices...

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Go away you're drunk. More people are buying Samsung phones than before, because you hate Samsung doesn't mean most people do.

I have a Note 10.1 2014. It doesn't weigh as little as the iPad Air, so it's not perfect :P But all things considered, I'm pretty happy with it.

You can be mad all you want but, they continue to do well and no matter how much tech nerds and commentators froth at the mouth about Samsung they are the biggest and most profitable Android manufacturer.

Whaaaa??? Samsung has even updated the S3 to the latest version of Android (that Samsung has released) on par with the S4. The menu systems and most all features, except for the hover features and such that it does not have the sensors for. Let me guess, you have a Galaxy S device and are mad they didn't update that POS? Or you have some cheapie samsung phone that wasn't a flagship. Buy flagship, they support those.

Actually, Sammy has been doing pretty well lately with respect to keeping devices updated. They're already pushing 4.4 out to the N3 and S4 (actually started several weeks ago). Non pure-AOSP devices are *never* going to get "instant" updates with Android. It's the nature of the beast.

As long as OEM's make a serious effort to at least keep up in a reasonable time frame (and keep consumer informed) for phones newer than about 1 1/2 years, then they're doing it right IMO.

They always have.

Certainly not the quickest at times but lets use the S2 as an example, that ended on JB after launching on Gingerbread in 2011.

People hate on Samsung but their record contradicts most of the BS.

You think that the S4 and Note 3 aren't? Get out from under the rock.

I would be willing to bet, given their track record, that the S3 and N2 do as well.

As much as the haters say it, it still will not be true.

Because sam mobile is showing it before it is released?

Kit Kat tastes like Jellybeans. Can't tell them apart...

They don't serve same purpose. Google Now is more of a predictive feature controlled by some sort of AI-esque-algorithm.

This is more of a traditional hands-free feature to control your phone and perform basic functions and searches.

Google Now ("Voice Search" activity) does everything SVoice does on my N3, except that Google Now does it way better IMO. I love my Note 3, and I loved my Note 2, but one of the first things I did when I got the N3 was disable SVoice (I did play with it first) and setup Home2Shortcut so I could have a double click of the home button open Google Now Voice Search instead of SVoice.

Samsung is definitely not copying Apple, they can't update a device past a year. If they do, it's only to be compatible with that STUPID WATCH.

It does not look like iOS

Kit Kat tastes like Jellybeans. Can't tell them apart...

I agree. not like ios at all if you ask me. I have iPhone 5 and Galaxy Note 3. Love them both. but I never use S Voice... Google now is the best, but Siri does a little better with scheduling, etc. But, not like ios.

I hope that this flatter appearance means more free-for-apps storage in the phone's SD card.
This is likely the main reason why I went away from Samsung.
I couldn't justify $650 for only 9 Gb of free-for-apps storage.

Hey Samsung, here's an idea. Why don't you put S-Voice, S-Health, and all your other proprietary apps in Play and allow older phone users to update them. Might help with bug fixes too. You can restrict them to Galaxy devices and limit them by os number, so it should be easy to do.

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As if people care. After all you seem like you're a $h!t developer with no brains. Samsung controls majority of android, which will translate that most of your customer base is with Samsung

How's that? I haven't found one thing (on my Note 3) that SVoice can do that Google Now's "Voice Search" can't do. (In fact, there's a few things Voice Search does that SVoice doesn't)

Maybe I'm missing something. If so, please enlighten me.

Sweet. As long as I can still disable it like I do with almost all the features Samsung puts on their phones, I'm good. (I like the remote though)

That "sea foam green", or whatever is, that they used for the background is just hideous. Reminds me of the old Windows 95 default background color.

But at least MS used that because they figured not everyone had a high-end video card yet and wanted to choose a color that would fit into the 256-color 8bit palette.

Samsung doesn't have that excuse.