Verizon LG G2 update

Attention, Verizon LG G2 owners: There's an update awaiting you this morning. We're trying to track down a changelog — "enhancements and improvements" is all we've got so far —  but you're up to Software version VS98011A, so there's that.

Please stand by.

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Update rolling out for the Verizon LG G2


I think that's literally the only reason Verizon would send out an update this quickly. Suck it, Verizon.

Is anyone else having some semi-major reception issues with this phone? I've tried factory reset, gotten a new SIM - its fine in certain parts of where I live, but my house goes from 2-3 bars 4G to one bar 1X to NOTHING constantly. Its killing my battery. Verizon told me if I didn't like it, I could return it. They're customer service is so great (sarcasm). I'm super wary on having another phone with reception issues post my VZW Galaxy Nexus.

Yes, in fact I just got rid of my G2 for that reason. The calls sounded awful. I replaced it with the HTC One and I am very happy.

Same with me.

I picked up a Blue HTC One for Verizon and compared the signal to an LG G2 at my place, along with comparing to my old DNA and wife's Droid Incredible 4G LTE...the One is fantastic. Been missing out on good reception!

In the best and worst locations in my place the One went from -101dbm to -88dbm, while all three of those other phones ranged from -90dbm at best to -60's at worst.

The data speeds on the One were consistently in the 20Mbps, while the other three ranged on average around 6-8Mbps, and at times pulled 10 or so.

While I liked the G2 and the specs/display are great, the fact the signal and call quality aren't the greatest, Wi-Fi Hotspot through PDANet/FoxFi doesn't work currently, and the One is still a solid specced phone, along with the speaker quality, display clarity and brightness being superior to the G2(especially for using in landscape mode where the G2 is just crap for speaker), the One is definitely worth it for $50 at Best Buy over the G2 being more expensive.

You have the dbm backwards... example: -120dBm is basically no service... it's like golf... higher -numbers bad, lower -numbers good

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You're right, and I just switched which devices were getting the correct signal.

The One was getting closer to -60 to -80's when checking the dbm and the higher data speeds, while the others were getting -90 to -100 and averaging nearly half the data speeds.

Did the update. Besides the improvements to knock on and better transitions. My Battery is dying so much faster. It is dropping at like 2% every five minutes. And my downloads are all gone wonky. I tried accessing AC from chrome and it wouldn't event load.

I'm hoping this is just settle time, cause I bought this phone outright. It will easily find itself back at Verizon.

Lots of updates do that to the battery. Might have to factory reset

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Lots of updates do that to the battery. Might have to factory reset

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Off topic:
I just made the switch to Android with this phone from the 4S (best choice ever), so this may be a noob question. How do you get the temperature in the top bar on the screen like in the screenshot above? Also, how do you do a screenshot?

Any number of weather apps will do this, try weather bug or the weather channel

Screenshot on most phones are press and hold the volume down and the power at the same time, I assume thats true with the G2 still

Yeah Screenshots on the G2 is also Power+Vol Down. It's a bit of a challenge with the way the buttons are set up on this device, but I've actually gotten pretty good at it now and can hit both with one finger.

Just slide your thumb up from the bottom of your phone. Same way you access google now. Quick memo should be an option to the right, along with voice assist to the left.

I'm not a G2 owner, but I use the weatherbug app that allows you to display the temperature like that. Lots of other apps come with that feature as well.

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For screenshots pull down the notification bar and press the quick memo then on the right side there is a save to gallery or share.

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I'm really happy for you Sir ! You are going to love android. I remember when I first started using Android and how I was amazed at all the things I can do with it. Just a word of advice when starting out. Whatever you want to do with your phone, chances are someone has made an app for it. Just go to the plays store, decide what you want to do and search for it. That's how I learned early on. Also you can Google things like, best weather app and chances are, someone has done a nice comparison for you so that you can cut down on a lot of searching. And finally here is a little gift for you. Google "bad seed Pandora app" you will be treated to a modified Pandora app that has unlimited skips and no commercials! Just make sure you go into settings and under security, Check unknown sources/allow apps to be installed from sources other than play store. Congrats and welcome to Android!

Hopefully LG is nearly done with a 4.3 update for the G2. Loving mine, but it sucks always getting updates late.
I guess that's what my N4 is for though..

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Has anyone noticed an increase in available RAM from this update? Maybe I it's a different variable that increased it for me, but I'm just curious.