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Do you want the Android apps for Yellow Pages and Lookout Security on your AT&T Samsung Galaxy S5? You don't? Well too bad. The latest update to the Galaxy S5 on Ma Bell doesn't add anything new to Android itself, but the 46.73MB download will install Yellow Pages and Lookout Security on the smartphone — and it won't let you delete them afterwards.

The two apps are part of the standard set of AT&T bloatware, so we're actually more surprised that they weren't there in the first place than that AT&T is moving to add them back after the fact. It was just last fall that Samsung signed a deal to include Lookout's antivirus protection on their devices.

You can skip the update if you like, though we can all but guarantee that the next time there is an update for the AT&T Galaxy S5 you'll want, these apps will be part of the package. Sorry.

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Small update for AT&T Samsung Galaxy S5 installs more apps, whether you want them or not


Man I hate this stuff. It's my phone and who the heck uses Yellow pages anymore? I threw away the copy that landed in my driveway last week.

That's why you get an unlocked phone. It's like taking a dump on your carriers front lawn and laugh at them after.

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Sorry but the carriers still win because more than likely you paid full pop for an unlocked phone while your monthly service plan still includes a device subsidy that you're not using.

Carriers don't win. You pay the price for something YOU own. I'd rather pay more money and not deal with late updates or bloat ware than pay less but deal with a bunch of junk.

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Not if you are on the Mobile Share Value plan. Even for me, where I'm on a grandfathered plan that is cheaper than Mobile Share Value, I would still consider an unlocked phone on AT&T.

Sorry, no built in subsidy here on AT&T, just all the unlocked, un-messed with experience.

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I have a nexus and pay £12 a month for unlimited data/texts and 250 mins on a month by month basis. £47 a month contracts where I'm locked for 2 years and the network controls my phone can go and self copulate.

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Wrong, bring your own device per month is $15 per month on top of your data/calling plan with AT&T, on contract its $40.00. So yes it does pay to get an Oppo or OnePlusOne etal.

Not att and not T-Mobile, and and not sprint. However Verizon yes, they still win because edge or 2year contract you still get reamed paying $40 a month for the phone's line access charge to the data bucket you chose.

If you buy your phone at the subsidy price and without opening it you sell it on eBay at the full price (or near), you are now essentially buying the unlocked phone at the subsidy price.

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Lol... That's why I'll never buy carrier-subsidized models again, regardless of the brand... Yea, you can disable bloatware but it'll still take up the space and yea, you might (or might not) be able to flash different ROM but it's still a huge annoyance and a waste of time.

Really? Considering the fact that you can't install most apps to the SD card and even when you can, it's a small part, that's not a solution.

For me bloatware didn't sting in the disk space dept, it was the annoyance of seeing these apps in my app draw. Then disabling apps became a thing. But still knowing that in the dark depths of my phone was an app that I can't truly get rid of gets to me.

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This is really ridiculous. They update the phone to force two apps I don't want onto my phone. They didn't even do any revisions or bug fixes..

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Why are the carriers still pushing these apps on their phones anyway? I bet no-one is even opening them out of curiosity.... Just a waste of time coding them and a waste of space on the HD

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Money. In some cases, they get paid to include the app, and, where it's an app they wrote, they figure someone will use it, and then they make money from the ads/ringtones/whatever the person buys.

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This is a major reason I root and disable the OTA updater. It's MY device! I should get control over whether to update or not. Too bad Google doesn't give us that option natively in the OS. :(

True, but even then you don't have a native way to control OS updates without rooting and disabling the OTA updater. You're still at the mercy of Google otherwise. I want total control over my device whether ANYTHING updates or not! All the more reason it sucks that Google Play and Google Play services update themselves without my approval whether I want them to or not. This type of crap is pushing me away from Android. :(

Why so against updates? Especially when it's in the background like play services...for the most part the behind the scenes updates are pretty good and make sure that you can use every app that's available ( aka play services)
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Because Google has been in the business for quite some time (at least since v4.2) of breaking things and removing features. I'd at least like to wait awhile to see what kind of workarounds are in place before upgrading.

+1 Google likes to use us as perpetual beta testers. :( For me it's also about the principle that I should have full control over MY device, not Google (ex. like I do with Microsoft Windows where nothing updates unless I allow it).

I just left my GS4 for the Bright Red Nexus 5. I can't believe how much I love this phone. I don't think there is a single "feature" from my GS4 that I am missing, though I must say that the T-Mo GS4 had very little bloatware, and I could uninstall anything T-Mo put on there (but not so with all the Samsung bloat). Certainly not missing the yellowpages on my N5,,,,,, lol

You weren't on att so no wonder you aren't missing them, they weren't ever there

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I happen to use a TMO SGS4 M919 on AT&T and its easy to root and has an unlockable bootloader. Basically they're idenitcal devices except for the bootloader issue.

Why is this such a big deal? Root and be gone w/all the bloatware!

And BTW re: Lookout...who has EVER got a virus on your smartphone anyway?

Oh wait...

This for those who watch p0rn on their device...nevermind.

I had a co-worker that had viruses on his phone. Anyone can download questionable files if he isn't careful and just taps any link that he sees.

So AT&T can do an update to give more bloatware yet not enable Download Booster? Get your priorities straight AT&T!

Honestly, who cares?? I am as much of a geek as the next person but this really doesn't get me going. Would I like to be without it? Sure, but disable it and move your apps to the SD card, done!

In return I get a subsidized phone and reasonable service. I could have gone with an iPhone (had one before the S5) and I properly would have if the iPhone screen was the same size as the S5.

It's not really a big deal for me. I already had lookout installed and I'll just turn off the yellow page app. I wish it was a more useful update , but it's nothing to lose sleep over .

Can you unlock the AT&T S5? I know my Note 3 isn't unlockable, which sucks.

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Glad I'm on Verizon. Yes there guilty of bloatware but not as bad as this!

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Bloatware for day. Glad I got the T- Mobile version, rooted with a Rom and took all the crap out.

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Unless you flash a rooted, debloated rom. Then you get them at the same time

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I wonder if this could be used to break your contract.-- if I specifically went with AT&T because I knew that it didn't have certain junk installed, then they turn around and force me to take that junk after I've paid, that seems like I might have a case.

This is the part of the deal they don't tell you about when you get your nicely discounted device. Come on custom roms....

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Look Out Security is the most annoying obnoxious app that has ever existed, although Knox comes close. While I have Samsungs now, I can't see getting them in the future.

This update also magically fixed the 'camera failed' bug on my phone. glad I don't have to take it to the store.

I'd venture to say that was the only real reason this update was cut losses.

I'd love a GPE of my S4 but i think i would miss the great camera software that samsung includes. Seriously it was the one thing i enjoy most about this phone. Google and CM camera apps are just not a great option IMHO.

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Why is it android that does this to it's owners. iPhone does not receive bloatware. WP has some ATT apps but they are easily deleted unlike android. Between ATT and Samsung there are too many apps nobody wants.
No more Samsung for me.

You can always take the components they let Samsung, ATT or any other manufacturer/carrier force an update with out with a rooted phone and titanium backup. Once removed, they can't override the regular update option you elected to uncheck. My husband didn't and lost his root and got mega bloat ware when they overrode his election not to update. He's had glitches ever since and mine keeps running like a top. It's my phone, Android should stop trying to be a Nazi Apple clone. And don't get me started with the now Mexican owned American Telephone and Telegraph company.