If your dying for root access on your Evo 4G but just can’t figure out how ADB works, or custom recoveries confuse you – fear not, my friends. “Unrevoked” might just be for you. It’s a very simple one-click root method which allows you to run root-required apps, and even gives you Super-user protection. All you do is copy the “unrevoked.apk” file onto your SD card and install it using Astro, or some other file manager. Easy enough, right? The only problem is that you have run the app after every reboot, as it’s not permanent. And it also doesn’t give you a custom recovery, so you can’t flash ROMs – but if you’re just looking to run some “root apps”, then this is definitely your cup of tea! After the break are a couple screenshots, and thanks everyone who sent this in!  [via Unrevoked]


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UnrEVOked - the simple way to root your Evo


Please, someone release this for the Incredible!! Why have there been more efforts made to root the Evo?

Cool I will eventually try this out. I am still getting used to the Evo coming from WebOS. I still have to research the benefits of rooting compared to stock. Besides pure nerdom that is.

I jailbroke on iphone to get wifi tethering. I have the EVO now (yah) and I have the $30 service for non-capped tether action. I had to ask them twice - I thought it was a 5GB cap, but they said since I have the EVO, there is no cap tethered or on device usage. I figure I pay a dollar a day for piece of mind and a great out of the box experience.

Has anyone got any wifi apps to work being rooted on the EVO?....Barnacle doesnt work or android wife tether...any options??

Okay... I tried to read those issues but most of it just went flying high over my head. So here's the question. If I don't understand this stuff, should I just leave it alone? I mean, my initial perception of wi-fi tether for root users was that it was super easy to use. The work-arounds seem like too much work. Could you help the lay person out her a little?

Thanks. Don't mean to be a bother.

I was half asleep when i got my ota..thought it was a txt or email...then as i laid my head back down i realized wut i had done...i was really wantin to root the other way seemed easy, but i plan on practicing with my hero

Does this mean I can take off some of the Sprint apps permanently? Or will they come back after a reboot? I'm itching to get the NASCAR app off my EVO. Also, if I only use unrEVOked for this one purpose, never use it again, and bring it in for a problem to a Sprint Store, are they going to point to this as proof I rooted my phone, even though the phone won't be rooted anymore at that point?

EDIT: Nevermind, I saw somewhere that unrEVOked won't allow me to delete stock apps, including Sprint apps. That would have been really nice to have a temporary root that won't require a device wipe after removing it.

This works with the OTA update It does not wipe your phone (it's just an app you install) You cannot flash custom recoveries/ROMs Does not allow free Wireless tethering This is for people who just want to run "root apps"... that's all it does.. you can't remove system apps with this.

they forgot to put that this also works for the Sprint Hero with the official 2.1, of course without the recent update.....and also i found a way to install the recovery.img on the HTC Hero after using this metod to root the phone, meaning that one can flash rom's!!!!!! dont know if it will work for the Evo, but it does work for the hero....

you would have to search on the market and try Wifi Tether and see if i works...in my case i have to use another version of this app bcuz the new one doesnt work on the Hero

Here are the facts...

- The current version you download sticks from the first run. You DO NOT need to rerun it every boot - I WAS WRONG, need to rerun for new root accessing apps, otherwise, installed root necessary apps seem to have continued to work just fine after reboot. You will need to rerun after every boot, but simple enough to do as it is an app sitting on your phone.
- It works just fine even if you have the latest OTA update
- Wifi Tether wireless_tether_2_0_2-pre14.apk works just fine.
- Great temporary solution until true custom ROM scene starts up.

i think it is but since the update that flaw was destroyed...thats why they say if you want to root your Evo or Hero dont install that new update.

I hope not. I'm sure "they" are working on it. There was way more hype around the release of the Evo over the Incredible. I think thats why more efforts were focused on the Evo being rooted first.

So wait... I'm I understanding that devs are putting out updates that keep you from rooting your phone? Or wiping out your root if you decide to go back to stock and upgrade officially?

I searched and it seems no one has asked or cares about changing the font style on Android so, is it possible to change the font of the phone using TypeFresh app with unrEVOked as my root??
Thanks for the help

I keep getting an error message when I click start. It says something like "aah fargh it,it couldn't create..." The message goes away quickly. Does anyone know why it does this? thanks