Honeycomb on Galaxy Tab

XDA user spacemoose1 is very close to having a working version of Honeycomb on the original Samsung Galaxy Tab. He's been documenting his efforts to bring the SDK build of Android 3.0 to Sammy's 7-inch tablet over the past couple of weeks, and he's very close to having a full, working port. Recent progress has involved correcting video driver issues, and spacemoose is now turning his attention towards fixing up touchscreen and Wifi support.

This is all pretty impressive considering the Honeycomb source code isn't even available yet. If you're a Galaxy Tab owner with a nagging case of Xoom envy, then you'll probably want to keep watching the source link for further developments. [XDA]

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dskwerl says:

I wouldn't call it Xoom envy, because I very much like the screen size of my Galaxy Tab. But I would gladly take this port for a spin to play with Honeycomb when spacemoose has it up and running. That's pretty exciting.

Is it going to work on all carrier versions?

happasaiyan says:

cant wait! thats all my tab is missing!

Berliner says:

When is the source code supposed to come out anyway? Have they announced it? I didn't buy the woot g slate yesterday because I had no idea if I could get it up to honeycomb.

nofrillz#CB says:

agreed. how can honeycomb still not be officially available for the tab?

lekky says:

Wish you'd quote your source...

oldpueblo says:

Its at the end of the article, click on XDA.

lekky says:

that wasn't their source though.

shooby#AC says:

maybe a stupid question. but does Honeycomb support phone calls? it's what I love about my tab. an overgrown smartphone.

eric6052 says:

This is great news for Tab owners who probably won't get Honeycomb any other way.

Blakegrp says:

I absolutely love the work these developers are doing to coax the SDK into our tabs! As someone who has put a Honeycomb build on my Nook Color, I caution everyone to have realistic expectations. This is not a finished product by any stretch. That said, I encourage you to give it a try, and hope you enjoy the tinkering as much as I do.

Can't wait for the full HC source to be available!

Wesley1 says:

C'mon Google don't be greedy...release the Honeycomb source code. Could it be that they want Motorola to have exclusivity for a few months with the Xoom?