HP Slatebook

HP looks to have another new Android device in the pipeline, this time with a 14-inch display and a keyboard. Not content with phones, tablets and even Chromebooks, HP seems to have an Android powered laptop they're calling the Slatebook PC hiding away. The info was pulled up by the folks at Notebook Italia via a hidden video – embedded below – from the HP website.

It seems we're looking at a full HD touchscreen display on the Slatebook in what looks like a regular looking laptop with a healthy splash of added color. Underneath the Slatebook holds a quad-core NVIDIA CPU, 2GB of RAM and Beats Audio much like many other HP laptops. It also looks from the video as though a SIM card slot is present, suggesting a cellular connected Slatebook is on the cards, too.

There's no indication of the when, where or how much at this point, but the video is pretty official looking so perhaps it's not too long before we'll see it unveiled to the world. Give it a look and see what you think (Sorry, doesn't look like it shows in the Android Central app. Damn HP)

Source: Notebook Italia via 9to5Google

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Must get it

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mlogician says:

I think an Android laptop makes more sense than a Chromebook.

I agree with you...

Only if the can get the drive app to the same place as its desktop counterpart. Or a chrome app that works as well as the desktop version. Using the Android Drive app for word processing is a nightmare if you care about formatting.

iknownothing says:

Window management on a chromebook is far superior to any android device. It looks and acts more like a desktop computer than an android device and, simply put, a full chrome browser with extensions is a more powerful tool on a computer than android is at this point.

I don't think anyone who's actually used a chromebook would share your opinion.

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gregs1213 says:

Agreed. I use my chromebook 90% of the time.. Android would not really be superior.

itsmatthewyo says:

i so agree and it is way better the chrome os

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LightaDroid says:

This is a must get item.. such a teaser!!

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NoNexus says:

Why double up on equipment? Surely my phone can do everything this can

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s2weden2000 says:

It's not a phone...that's the le’ differance

... ( 0ppo F5) ...

tmiller679 says:

Maybe it has a mic. Then we have a 14" clamshell Android phone. :p

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wsmather says:

Get a Casetop and have the best of both worlds, with some future-proofing to boot!

FredFront says:

Looks like the HP AirLife 100 lives again!

r4incs says:

If they make it super cheap then MAYBE. Otherwise, it is a terrible idea to put Android on a full-fledged laptop. I recently tested Android x86 4.4 on mine and OS is still very poorly optimized for mouse and keyboard, not to mention apps. Touchscreen makes it only a tad better unless it is a similar setup like Lenovo Yoga (which seems it is not and even then it would be probably too large and heavy to use).

There is a reason Google uses Chrome OS on laptops - not Android, you know.

Andy_in_Indy says:

The only thing I have found lacking is multi-touch support for trackpads. Everything else works well enough for anything I have used the basic Chrome OS for. I will have to say that multiple windows would be a nice addition, but this works just as well as last fall's Chrome OS, and multi window can be implemented in Android.

The big difference is that you have some movement controls reversed between touch based and mouse based systems. For example, you drag the document up in touch but move the slider down with mouse. Once you get past the old arbitrary habits and get with the new arbitrary habits the interface is fine.

numetheus says:

You clearly haven't used Chromebook for a very long time. All of them have multiple windows.

Ry says:

I'd rather have a Chromebook than an Android laptop.

But I'd rather have an Android tab than a touchscreen Chromebook.

jt2112 says:

I feel like no one thought of making a mirror of this video.

NexusFan7 says:

The design looks very nice, but it all depends on pricing. Otherwise, I'd rather get a Chromebook.

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Why can't existing Chromebooks run Android OS?

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tigeryee says:

I don't see the big deal. Android has been run on virtual machines and cloned on software like Bluestacks.

Mikey47 says:

webOS lives!! Oh, wait, nevermind....

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mary aug says:

HP Pro 4440s Laptop delivers high performance speed as it is paired with 4GB DDR3 RAM. It perform multitasking to execute different task at same time. Large storage capacity of device is good to save plenty of music, movies, videos due to 750GB hard disk capacity.