Motorola Xoom

We all breathed a collective sigh of relief when we learned that Motorola provided the Xoom with an unlockable bootloader, giving developers and hackers easy access to the hardware.  And since many of you guys aren't familiar with the concept and the way it works, allow me to direct you to Android Central member thefredelement and his Xoom unlocking guide.   He has everything laid out nicely for you to get the drivers and set things up so you're ready to go.

Keep in mind that this isn't rooting your Xoom.  With an unlocked bootloader and fastboot mode, there's no need to worry about finding exploits to root the OS.  Instead, developers will just build a package you can flash from a custom recovery with anything and everything you need to have complete control over your tablet.  I expect a custom recovery and those flashable packages in very short order.  [Android Central forums] Thanks thefredelement!


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Unlocking the Motorola Xoom bootloader [from the forums]


Come on wifi model! I've got $600 sitting here right now waiting to go straight to Motorola. We now have root, clockworkmod, unlocked bootloader, and a system dump. My hacker senses are tingling!

Just got one at Costco with activiation fee wavied.

However the DAMN thing won't register on Verizon network...... Should have tested it out at the store...

Same price but 35 bucks activation fee is returned with rebate.

Also moto xoom was up on Motorla site for 600 bucks with coupon OCNNSB25. But I missed it and was pissed off so i went to costco. They posted on the XDA general and i missed it...../cry