Samsung Galaxy Nexus Car Dock

In the United Kingdom, we're fortunate enough to have had the brilliant Samsung Galaxy Nexus since mid-November. Almost two months on from release, what we're still yet to see are any of the OEM accessories for the device. Two of the leading British online retailers for mobile equipment, Expansys and Clove Technology, have now started to offer some actual timeframes for getting their stock of the accessories in. Both companies though have quite different expected release dates. 

Clove have got the full range, including the sweet looking vehicle mount shown here, showing "first stock expected mid-January." We're in mid-January now, so this could mean we won't have to wait much longer. 

Expansys however are expecting to release the items on Feb 29. A significant difference from the Clove expectations, but it's important to note that Expansys are not always in first with what they sell. It's a lot more pinpoint though than "mid-January." 

Hopefully we really won't have too much longer to wait. Theres a lot to be said for utilising official OEM accessories, and my wallet is crying out to buy them. 

Source: Expansys, Clove

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moosc says:

Come on we need those accessories

Jerflash says:

i have one on order from amazon uk. they keep pushing the date back but they have not charged my car yet so i dont mind. I just wish i can have it sooner

Nate Rules says:

So I see a usb and audio port on the mount. But only the three prong side port for the phone. Does the side port transmit music and charge the phone?

nhuth says:

I've used the Nexus One car dock and it used its pins for charging and bluetooth audio streaming for music and calls. I expect the same here.

rynbeed says:

That mount is really cool. Total buy for me.

Sh3ngLong says:

This mount looks like it's going to bounce around a lot on bumpy roads. :-/

DeeBee85 says:

Need that freakin car mount in the US!

So still no word from Samsung if this'll fit the LTE version?

BlakeDC says:

NO access to any buttons...does this mean the screen is going to be on at all times? Not really a fan of that but I guess I'll get used to it if I have to...

LV23 says:

I need a bigger battery. Something like 2100mA minimum.