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Update: It seems Expansys' original price of £399.99 for the Xperia Z was an error, as the retailer has just changed its pre-order price to £529.99, in line with other European stores. Bad news for anyone in the UK hoping to bag an Xperia Z on the cheap.

Original story: With any new phone announcement comes the inevitable discussion of pricing and availability, which are almost never revealed at the initial press conference. So it is with the Sony Xperia Z, which we first saw us at last week's CES, and has appeared online with prices up to £530 ($850) in the following days.

Today we have a slightly more realistic price tag, and it comes from UK retailer Expansys, which has just placed the Xperia Z up for pre-order at £399.99. That's in line with the SIM-free cost for the previous Sony flagship, the Xperia T, and it's surprisingly reasonable price for a 5-inch smartphone with a 1080p screen and 13MP camera. Right now it's just the black Xperia Z that Expansys has listed -- there's no sign of the white version that wowed us on the show floor last week. Expansys also isn't offering any release date, but other retailers have suggested the Z will become available in late February or early March.

We went hands-on with the Xperia Z and its little brother, the Xperia ZL, in Las Vegas last week. Our initial take-away was that it's an attractive, well-built phone with some killer specs, but a device that's sure to have some competition in the next couple of months.

Anyone tempted by an Xperia Z at this price point? Let us know in the comments.

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UK retailer taking Sony Xperia Z pre-orders [update: price changed]


I had my preorder in before they came out with the price. That camera plus the fact that this thing is dust and, more to the point, water proof is the major influencing factor. Plus the design is gorgeous. Nice to see Sony back on form.

Actually, Expansys are lying.

It says £399.99 until you click on it at which point it says £529.99. When you then pre-order it displays as £440 + 20% VAT). Sneaky buggers. Avoid.

where did you get this info from ??? Price for pre-order is 441.66 pounds + VAT so we're talking about 530 pounds (640 euros)
it's pretty far from 400 GBP :((((

Expansys has just changed its pre-order price. Initially it was 399, now it's been bumped all the way up to 529. I've updated the story to reflect that.

Dammit. At that price point, it would have flown of the shelves.
Sony would have had a hard time keeping up with orders

I finally see a phone that will take me away from my G-Nex if it comes to Verizon, and because I'm still on Unlimited it will be full Retail, but that's cool.

that was a sneaky sales pitch by expansys !! get everybody hot under the collar, then revert to correct price.

$850?!?!?!?! Are they high??? I'll buy a Nexus's got 16gb instead of 32gb and the cam's not as good....but that does NOT justify a $500 price difference!! Sounds to me like Sony's trying to make up some $$$ for the PS3 lv0 being pwned finally.