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The UK government's Department of Transport has now joined with the U.S. in requiring that passengers on some international flights coming in and out of the country must show that their electronic devices can be powered up, in an effort to improve security.

The new notice from the department stated:

In line with the US advice, passengers on some routes into and out of the UK may now also be required to show that electronic devices in their hand luggage are powered up or face not being allowed to bring the device onto the aircraft. Passengers flying into or out of the UK are therefore advised to make sure electronic devices being carried in their hand luggage are charged before they travel.

The department won't be revealing publicly just which airline routes will be affected by this new rule. It added that it will be working with airlines to "to minimise disruption as far as possible." This addition comes after some concerns have been raised about a possible threat to blow up an airliner by terrorist groups.

What do you think of this new trend in airline security and will it make you charge up your cell phone or tablet before you board an international flight?

Source: UK Department for Transport


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UK officials follow US counterparts by banning electronics that don't turn on from boarding flights


If the device was sealed in the box then put it in your checked bag... problem solved, if you dont have a checked bag, unlucky.

I`d rather have to have someone break a seal on a new item than be hijacked/bombed

Thats not living in fear, thats taking an extra step to ensure i dont get flown into a building.
Living in fear would be not coming out of my home and having video camera`s everywhere. Also known as agoraphobia

That is living in fear, lack of better know how. You go to metal detectors, bomb sniffing dogs, bomb detection equipment before you get on board a plane, this new policy is saying, none of that crap works.
Just another way of big brother snooping in your stuff.

^ wow.... lol now its big brother snooping.

It`s an extra level in security for safety.

1st world problems here.... turning on your phone or other electronic device is such an inconvenience

Wearing a bullet proof vest every time you go outside, is also an extra level of security, do you do that?

What is the chance of this extra check catching a bomb that managed to get past all the other countermeasures?

And lots more people use trains than fly, especially during rush hour. Why don't we have all this security for train journeys?

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whats so hard about powering on your phone for a security check?

I`m not getting the logic here, it doesnt cost you anything at all apart from the boot up time, even then thats if your phone is powered off.

Funny to see people "living in fear" (of something) telling you that you're now living in fear for not being to bothered by this new rule. Most of us here would be damned before we got on a flight without power to our beloved devices lol.

It costs time and money, the staff doing the checks don't work for free.

And you didn't answer my questions. Do you wear a bullet proof vest when you go out? Isn't the extra safety worth it?

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OK I'll answer your ridiculous comparison.

It costs a hell of a lot more for a bullet proof vest than it does to power on a phone, it would also take a lot longer to put on..... Also I myself can help a lot more in the control of being shot by not putting myself in that position. Obviously you get fluke moments but I can help reduce those odds

The fact is on a plane you have zero control yourself and you xannot reduce those odds at all. Any extra security is alright with me. And why it isn't for anyone else is beyond me.

You can make your argument with almost anything you do daily in life.

The chance of a terrorist blowing up your plane is already very very small, this extra measure just isn't worth it, just like you realise that putting on a bullet proof vest isn't worth it. That was the point of my "ridiculous comparison", you probably have more chance of being shot than being blown up by a terrorist yet you are unwilling to take the extra safety measure of wearing a bullet proof vest.

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I have a greater chance of being killed by a cow than I do by a terrorist. This fear mongering I'd exactly what the terrorists wanted.

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Fear mongering? Ok, I'll definitely agree that the general media ALWAYS focuses on negative action across the board. Then I hear all of the the net "FEAR MONGORING" ohhhh noooooo. Who really cares? The nut job "preppers" etc that would be fearful anyway? Most importanly, I tend to travel the USA often for business and have prior to 9/11 and all I see is people living their lives the same damn way they always do. Living the dream or not, it's the same. Give it up already.

Never had that issue, im flying international from the States a lot, last year i took 3 netbooks in checked luggage. Apart from getting asked why i had these in there i had zero issues

Yeah, there's no way I'm putting anything valuable in my checked luggage - way to many incidents of luggage theft (or certain airports in certain countries are known for luggage being opened and items stolen while at the airport behind the scenes...). Nevermind the way they toss luggage around like so much trash, to much risk of something breaking: I keep anything valuable in my hand luggage, especially my phone, tablet, camera, laptop (and even more so a sealed gift - no insurance on those).

Dude we get it, you'll do whatever you're told. Most people are starting to wake up and realize that the police state is not necessary. Keep sucking Uncle Sam's cock and telling yourself what a good little American you are. As long as it's in the name of "safety" you'll jump and say "yes sir!" "Let us molest your teenage daughter here in the airport cuz safety." "You got it!" Ridiculous.

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Forgive me if I can't hear your accent in your text. The only other conclusion to be drawn from your screen name would be that you live in England, only slightly farther than the States in the path towards a police state especially after you fools were dumb enough to surrender your firearms. I'm sure glad the colonies didn't fall for that bullshit. If you are from England that's even worse because you guys don't even have any fallen buildings to point to to justify this crap. You're literally playing follow the leader for no reason whatsoever.
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You ignorant uneducated moron. England has suffered with terrorism for many many years from Children being killed with nails bombs to Manchester city center being blown up. I am English obviously but I live in America and you are what makes people think this country is full of tools, you are an embarrassment to your country.

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Really? You didn't charge it on the ride to the airport?!

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You mean in the actual airport where even the smallest and sh*tiest of airports have either full on charging stations or at least available wall outlets? Just don't forget your charger or you'll be paying out the arse for one or risk losing your device.

Cant you just set a reminder on your phone the night before or a few hours before your flight? if your phone is that important then surely that little extra step will be easy

Bound to fail. Just imagine the uproar of people missing their flights or losing their $600 phone because the charge ran out.

Who's walking around with a dead phone? The odds of this happening are 1-100,000. For that 1 person out of the hundreds of thousands who do have their phone already on, I'm sure they will let them get out the power cord to charge it. And before you are an even bigger contrarian, if you have a phone that's dying or dead and you don't have a charger readily available shame on you. In this digital, connected world we live in there's no excuse not to have a charge and you deserve to either have to get out of line and go pay $50 for a charge at the convenience store or you deserve to loss your phone.

Lol they'll make you change all your stuff even that slow booting laptop

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Think of ppl that do transcontinental flights, going lets say from Asia to America, this article does not reference only phones it is any electronic device (laptops, pda, tablets, e-readers, phone, smartwatches, etc) there are some airlines that do not offer a little TV in the seat in front of you. You are seating there reading an e-book or watching a movie in your tablet, then you are out of juice.
Not to mention before you get on a plane, you go to metal and bomb detection equipment. This new policy just says this equipment is not working right.

This is closing a potential loophole that was discoved. You think these terrorists just say, well f*ck me they have bomb detection equipment and dogs so I'm done?! Lastly there's no such flight I've ever heard of from somewhere like USA to Asia or of even remotely that far of a distance that doesn't have TVs. Even more you'd have to be some sort of extreme rookie to attempt such a flight without a solid power source (esp if for business). Once more they are rarely ever direct flights of such distance (Singapore Airlines even shut down the business class only longest flight - Newark to Singapore 18hr nonstop).

Who walks around with a dead phone? Are you kidding me? I don't know people who USE them maybe?

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People who have issue with this are insane, its like the scanners you have to go through where they can see you in all your glory. I dont care what they see of mine or what i have to power on as long as i can fly safely. Safety has to come first and anything that can be done for us all to be a little more confident when flying is a good thing.

People who disagree either dont fly much or at all or are a little shady.

Exactly the mentality those in power want you to have. Good boy. Do as you're told.

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There should be nothing to disagree about. How many people do you honestly believe walk around with dead phones? And how many people do you think don't make it a priority to make sure they don't have a charged phone for when they're traveling? And how many of those people don't actually have a charger on their person to charge the device at the first chance they get? The odds are clearly NOT in your favor. Theres no need to sensationalize or encourage those who sensationalize the news. This isn't a big deal and it's something that most TSA agents have been doing for YEARS already. Now, it's just officially a policy that's backed by the FAA.

Safety is paramount and anything that can be done to make sure we are safe is fine by me. I mean all you have to do is make sure your device is charged, its not hard is it?!

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Exactly, we have become a world full of moaners. its like any excuse to say you have stood on someones rights.

Here`s an idea, set a reminder on your phone to make sure your device is fully charged a few hours/the night before your flight......

I don't agree because I value the god dammed constituon and personal liberty over a bullshit police state that manipulates people into feeling afraid and obedient. Looks like you're completely on that crazy train.

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I'm on the crazy train? But you're here going on about the constitution because of showing your device powers on.... You probs think fluoride was a brain washing exercise and wear a tinfoil hat haha

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No, I'm a service member who takes his oath to the constitution seriously and I don't like where this nation is headed.

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Hey look over there! Muslim!

Ooga booga booga!

Go listen to some Toby Keith and tell yourself what a good little 'Murican you are.

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That's twice you have called me an American..... LOOK AT MY USERNAME YOU TOOL!

God help us if you really are supposedly a serviceman....

Suppose you have a life supply of tinned food and a bunker in your back yard!

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I drive a Mini Cooper with union flags painted on it. It's hard to know where someone is from so assuming you're in the States is easy. Let's move on.
Again I'm more of a service member than most of my comrades because I can think for myself and don't blindly follow orders.
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Yawn you have a head full of rocks, look at my last reply further up, that's the last thing I need to be saying to you,

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Im sorry, but when did this stop being a thing? I remember when I was a kid, TSA used to ALWAYS make me power on my Gameboy to make sure it really worked.

How hard is it for people to charge their electronic devices before leaving the house/hotel? I have no problem with this.

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I'm all for the safety aspect of it and totally agree with "angry english" on that aspect. The only thing that concerns me is how much SLOWER this is going to make the already slow security checks. Most people have multiple electronics they carry with them in this day and age. Especially families with children. Can you imagine waiting behind the same family for like 15 minutes because they have to pull out little Johnny's DS, his phone, his laptop, his tablet, turn them all on, WHAT you forgot to charge them? no maam its just my sons!

Leave it in sleep mode so that it will just wake up upon opening the top.

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What about devices that don't have a battery for example I have an external lenovo LCD panel that I use for demos. Will they allow you to plug it in to show it works or an external HD.

This is just another way of big brother to get in you life.
This tells me that the billions of dollars expended in bomb detecting equipment, bomb sniffing dogs, metal detectors, x-ray machines, and all the other crap they push down our throats is worthless.

What about my Electric Razor? I travel with a sammy VZW 10.1 tab, Nexus 7, Droid Maxx, travel modem, Sony Laptop, Sonic Toothbrush, Bluetooth headphones and probably a lot of other stuff with battery. My point is someone could stuff a lot of Boom in an electric toothbrush or razor.

Or carry one of the power boosters that are really a big battery that plugs into your device to charge it .

And a terrorist could put a really small battery (so it powers on) and lots of explosive in one of those big batteries, so what are we gaining from this silly check?

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I am of the belief that most airport security measures are almost entirely for the *appearance* of security rather than actual security. If my shampoo and mouthwash are a potential danger in a certain amount, who's to stop a group of dangerous people from banding together once on board? So, the whole liquids and gels thing is in the "for show" category by and large.

That said, turning on electronics is a minor thing and one that seems to have some merit, especially given how minor a request it is.

That's not "living in fear" it's pragmatism.

They are for appearance. It's complete smoke and mirrors that anyone with a brain can see through.

The naked microwave scanners that angry English is jerking off to aren't even used abroa because they're worthless.

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Sounds to me like some new Intel has come through that they're not really going to share with the public. Knowing some folks who have worked security and continue to work security to protect this country, there's just some threats and things that would make you have trouble sleeping. The threats are very real from both within and outside the US borders.

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Within - some might say are warranted given the rising police state and diminishing civil liberties we have. A second civil war is coming if it doesn't stop.

Outside - stop playing world police and meddling in the internal affairs of sovereign nations and maybe they won't blow up your airplanes.

The US is not innocent.

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Darn, this is gonna affect me.

It's really not a good idea though, mainly because there are circumstances where one might have lost a battery or something like that, and it'll be a huge hassle to get your device back into the country in that case.

Every once in a while they just want to remind you that you need them to keep you safe. Don't let the boogeyman get ya! Ooga booga booga!

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So this just means the smartphone bombs will explode inside the airport instead of inside a plane. I guess a jet is more expensive to replace than an airport terminal.