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TVCatchup has been a growing favourite in the UK in the past few years. Initially made popular by offering a web app for the iPhone, natural progression would dictate that the service would also be made compatible with Android devices. The problem -- the web app doesn't always work that well. And, native apps are always better to have. Now, that's what we've got, albeit currently in beta form. 

It's a very simple app, but it doesn't need to be complicated. After all, it's for watching TV. All the channels available on the web are present, and as I write this, I'm watching some of The Big Bang Theory using it. The verdict, it's good. The stream quality is excellent, and it's so easy to use it's unreal. 

The downside for anyone outside of the UK is that it's not available for you guys. When you open up the app, it checks your service provider and verifies whether or not you're able to make use of it. (Of course, you'll also need a TV License and all that to watch stuff as it's broadcast.)

But, fellow Brits, you can download it here and try it out for yourselves. 

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kart180 says:

Great news that TVCatcthup is launching an app

Agreed. Thanks for the heads up.

JonJJon says:

Finally! I use this often on my laptop when I am at my desk, great to see it has come to Android after a lot of people (myself included) spoke to them about it :) had this up ages ago. It's been in beta for about a month and the ics beta has been out for a week. They had the pre release version if memory serves me right.

Sonicaholic says:

I've been using myplayer+ for ages streaming live UK TV for over a year and that works flawlessly.

badbradd2 says:

I just installed a UK proxy on my Note, and now I am using this program flawlessly. This is tight.

Amir kayani says:

exellent apps