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Sky Go is a big deal in the UK mobile world. Allowing its customers to watch their favourite TV content on demand through their computers and mobile devices including premium content, it's really a top grade service. At the moment, the mobile offering is exclusive to iOS. This though apparently may be about to change.

A spokesperson for the satellite TV company has told Techradar UK; "Sky Go on Android, it will be launching in the coming months." 

Sky Go currently has 1.6million users across the UK, which is impressive considering its relatively limited device coverage. Combined with the 2012 launch of Netflix on these shores, UK Android fans are finally approaching the sort of choice our American friends have on offer. 

Source: Techradar UK


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UK Android faithful reportedly receiving Sky Go in the coming months

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They announced this a few months ago. Good to see they are following through with their pledge. Only annoying thing is that you're limited to two devices at a time which is frustrating when a few people want to get on.