Ubuntu Bug #1

The new definition of computer has caused Android and iOS to control market share, leading Mark Shuttleworth to close Bug #1 in Ubuntu's bug tracker

Mark Shuttleworth, the founder of Ubuntu, has marked the very first bug on Ubuntu's LaunchPad bug tracking site as "Closed -- Fix Released". In this case, Android is a big part of the fix. As Shuttleworth explains in the final comment on bug #1

Personal computing today is a broader proposition than it was in 2004: phones, tablets, wearables and other devices are all part of the mix for our digital lives. From a competitive perspective, that broader market has healthy competition, with IOS and Android representing a meaningful share 

Microsoft still is the OS of choice on the desktop, both at home and the workplace. But the new definition of computer -- which not everyone agrees with, including yours truly -- combined with the sheer number of Android and iOS devices out there has changed the landscape.

I'm not so sure that bug #1 was really a bug to begin with. I've no love for Microsoft's products nor their business practices, but the free market has chosen, and both developers and users choose Microsoft when it comes to productivity on their workstations more often than the competition. We think everyone should have a choice that's done well, and one that fits their needs.

Of course others, like Shuttleworth, think differently and clearly when smartphones and tablets (as well as televisions and even appliances) are counted alongside the traditional desktop or laptop computer, Microsoft is now a distant third in terms of marketshare. Our advice? Don't get caught up in the details and appreciate the fact that you do have a choice. In either case, be sure to read Shuttleworth's comment if you're a fan of computing and software.

Source: Launchpad Comment  1834; Bug 1


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Ubuntu bug number 1 closed as Microsoft no longer holds a majority market share on computers


LOL! Android and iOS are great but tablets and phones are not PCs and will never be PCs. Nothing yet has replaced a mouse, their displays are not PC quality, and they will never have the horsepower of a PC.

They will never replace PCs for the same reason that scooters will never replace cars and trucks.

i said the same thing 2 years ago. but now i am planning to buy a mac.
will never buy an ipad or iphone though.

I got nothing against Macs except the price, so I've never used one. I'm currently relying on my Nexus for most computing needs at home. Even at home my windows laptop doesn't have office so I would use Google Docs for office tasks. I bet I could live on with just a chromebook n my nexus just fine.

>"Microsoft still is the OS of choice on the desktop, both at home and the workplace."

Linux on my desktops at home.
Linux on my laptops at home.
Linux on my DVR.
Linux in my routers at home and work.
Linux on my desktops at work.
Linux on my laptops at work.
Linux on my servers at work.
Linux on the electronic signs at work.
Linux on the phone system.
Linux in the security system.
Linux runs the HVAC system for the building.
Linux in all the copiers.
Linux in my car entertainment system.

Android Linux on my phones and tablets.

Hee hee! Same thinking as me. I really don't want to buy any Apple product except their MAC which I'm still super happy with. I don't hate Apple though. A mid 2011 iMac, it's really worth the extra price in stability alone. It's so stable and I do work in the AV industry. I've only had it freeze on a Word doc once. Nothing important like video editing or GFX have frozen on me yet. That's the important bit. Other than that, my BB10 takes care of all my mobile stuff and a little bit of gaming and my Nexus for the rest of the games. :D

Personally instead of a chromebook, i'd prefer if google came out with a laptop that had chrome and/ or Android on it plus a lot of memory. Then make the display swivel 180 degrees to turn it from a laptop to a touchscreen when needed. I think it would be a big hit.

I absolutely love Android. Never have and never will own an Apple product. But MS Windows will be my desktop and laptop OS for some time to come. And as far as my work goes, there are "choices", but Windows just blows past all other options.

Windows will be my laptop/desktop OS of choice as long as OEMs choose to make drivers for just it. I Dont like it but sometimes its all that works (even if it crashes all the time).

I love Android, but you guys seriously cannot classify Android and iOS in the same category in Windows 7, Windows 8, and Mac OS X. I would not compare Windows RT to Windows 7 or Windows 8 either.

I can stream videos on my XBox 360 and on my Blu Ray player. Can we call standalone Blu Ray players PCs by that standard?

I would argue that *MOST* people would not agree. I think that guy is living in a dreamland and grasping at straws.

Meh, I'd say over half my work is done in Linux. On Linux I run Windows in Vmware for when I have to deal with windows problems but by and large 98% of users could live in Linux and never miss anything.

Jerry, I'm just curious, why don't you consider smartphones as computers? They certainly fit at least the strict definition of a computer from Merriam Webster: a programmable usually electronic device that can store, retrieve, and process data.

For those who care it does matter. Obviously no one buys a car using a Xbox. So Edmonds mat never make an Xbox app. But if you're Minecraft, you're gonna care to make sure your consumer can install you on whatever device it is.

To say a smartphone os dominates the computer industry is like saying a 15 ton dump truck leads the auto industry in cargo space. Sure, they both are technically automobiles in some sense but its not quite comparable.

I'm really enjoying Windows 8 and it's not likely to change. Microsoft is doing a really good job recently and I think they'll keep their desktop market share for a long time, unless Google releases something to compete with it. For the time being I'll stick with Windows + Android combo.

Wow, MS is doing a good job latley? Windows 8 is an utter disaster, NO company is using winodws 8 for their businesses. It is a bigger disaster than Vista was

Most companies are only now upgrading from XP to W7. Most companies are not bleeding edge. But to say NO company is using W8 for their business? I think there are some. Will Google and get back to you.

In the tech sector if you are not growing it's time to push the panic button. Millions of desktop and laptop computers will continue to be purchased, but it's a declining market. With Windows 8.1 Microsoft has pushed the panic button. Windows 8 hasn't met Microsoft expectations.

I use Ubuntu. Even though I regret fully removing windows because it's much easier to root with Windows, I still love Ubuntu and it recognizes my phone no problem.

Just wish Linux wasn't so reliant on the terminal. But hey, it's free, it works, and it's always being updated with new and useful features.

Not in the same sense of the word that my desktop is.

When i can use it to write, compile, and install the software that runs it, then i will.

I am sorry I know there are apple and linux people who would love to say they are winning the pc race because of all the smartphones and tablets. But anyone who thinks that your android or iphone is the same thing as a windows 7 deskkop is seriously smoking some good ish.

The x86 computer is amazing you can install windows, linux, and even if you desired(i don't know why) put mac OS on it. Talk to me when you can burn a dvd with a tablet....talk to me when its faster to type a term paper with a smartphone then with a pc(win, linux, or mac). PC's are for desktop computing, phones and tablets are devices and more for consumption of data rather then producing it. Good for when you are on the go but when you have something to do with any kind of speed a PC(win, linux, or mac) is the way to go.

.....thats my rant...thanks

In other words, I think you'd have just as much trouble on a netbook as a docked Transformer (similar size/style), with it obviously being even worse with a virtual keyboard.

Yeah because Word is the only document editor in the world. You probably havent even used anything else. If you haven't you are being ignorant.

Been in IT for eleven years....I am aware that there are other word processors, but non to date have come close in functionality to word....trust me I tried but it's still the best.....which means it's the most productive.....and until a smartphone OS can be as productive you can't compare the two.....FWIW I am a Linux administrator....Windows still in my opinion is leading the pc market by far.

I have OfficeSuite on my tablet and phone. They provide more enough functionality for writing up papers. The problem is the input experience, and the tablet would be the same on a netbook. It's better than the phone but still not a full laptop.

1. "which means it's the most productive" Wrong. It is only as "productive" as YOU make it. Someone could have the greatest photo editing software available and still put out crap photos because they don't know how to use the software to its fullest. Similarly, someone could have the most feature full and "best" word processor, but only type 20 words per minute. Therefore, they will not be the most "productive".
2. "The best" is completely subjective. What you consider "the best" may not be what I or anyone else considers "the best".

My experience with OSX tells me a completely different story. I've used computers since you had to punch cards, and while OSX isn't the worst experience, it's close to it.

Sent from my Mac.