No, it is not.


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Is typing on a watch with a half-baked keyboard quicker than voice input?


People just need to embrace voice input. It's not 100% yet but will be and is very efficient. I enjoy responding to texts that way on my G-Watch

That's up to the user. If you want privacy then use your phone. I'm not getting this whole smart watch thing anyways. That's just me.

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Neither am I. It seems like smartwatches are being made just so someone can say they made them. I can't see any practical use for them other than a quick check of email.

They are being made because there is a demand for them. Just because it's not up your alley doesn't mean it's not a sought after product.

Although I agree with you I do understand what the others are saying. The use of the watch does seem repetitive even though it still gets my attention.

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Should I pull up my phone, turn the screen on, put my unlock code, pull down the notification shade and potentially click on the notification to read it?

Or should I flick my watch's screen up?

Should I reach for my phone to see the next direction in navigation, or should I just take a glance at my wrist?

Should I pull out my phone to send an "I'm in a meeting" message when I'm in a meeting, or should I just flick left on my wrist?

There are many uses, many more yet to learn and discover.

I think it is quicker to look at my wrist to see if it is something I shouldn't reach in my pocket for, turn it on, glance at useless message, turn it off, then put it back in my pocket. How many times do you look at phone for half a second only to put it back? I would much rather just look at my wrist.

For a quick email check, yeah. But watches are poor for composing on and who wants to recite their email and texts aloud for all and sundry to hear?

Why would I need to compose on my watch? It is simply for notifications. Like I said, I love just quickly glancing at my wrist instead of constantly pulling my phone out of pocket, turning it on, reading, turning it off, then back in pocket. I would say that 80 to 90% of notifications don't need responding to now, and some are just informational. Glancing at my wrist quickly is a much easier way of going about things especially if you are on the move. If I need to respond, THEN I pull my phone out. Which, is much less frequent. And lots of times, it is a quick swipe to enter short predefined messages such as ok or I'll be there or on my way. Much quicker than typing.

I have used Google Voice to Text ever since my Droid 1 Keyboard keys fell off from overuse.

Although it is faster to Voice to text for emails and text messages, Google Voice to text makes an error almost every 3 words, and it hasn't gotten any better since 2010.

I have found a trick to get Google Voice to text to work perfectly. Just use a monotone voice and speak like a robot annunciating every word slightly slower than you normally would. Just don't do it in public.

Yeah I do not understand the watch keyboards, unless the issue is privacy.
PS. Phil you are doing a better job of typing using minuum, than I could ever do on a full phone screen.

Of if you're in a loud place where voice interpretation won't work. Or maybe you just don't want to talk to your watch for whatever reason. There are situations where a keyboard is needed.

Just pull your phone out. it is faster than either method especially if even a single error in typing or voice recognition occurs.

No! I want to stay up with all the cool kids and talk to my watch to respond and if there's an error whatever at least I looked cool doing it!!! /s/s -.-

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Someone is already working on that, though the prototype using Google Glass is pretty clunky.

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Who in the world is going to actually type out "what is the weather going to be today" - on a watch, or on a phone, or even on a full-sized computer? You might as well have typed "pardon me, google-wear smart device strapped to my wrist, but, if it's not ever so much bother, would you mind informing me as to the most likely tropospheric conditions - meteorologically speaking - in the present vicinity within approximately the next twenty-four hours?"

No one of course, but with voice activation we're just as silly. All I need to say is "OK Google... Weather." but I don't, I say "OK Google... What's the weather like?".

They achieve the same result, but the first seems "impolite" which is stupid, I'm talking to a computer.

Full disclosure: I am English lol

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Pseu, that's the funniest thing I've read all week. Had me rolling here at work!

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I do embrace it, which often results in repeating the same sentence multiple times when I know it would be quicker to type it.


Im sure its been said, but... Dick Tracy... For real people, how long have we waited? 24 years since the movie, longer for the comics. My dad will flip when i show him the one im going to win.. ;)

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I just don't get it. Why type on this when you can just pull your phone out of your pocket and type on that. This is such a huge extra step.

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BUT what if your phone is on the charger across the room and if you move from your current position the sniper on the roof across the street will fire?? huh huh then what!?!

Maybe you need the weather forecast to work out the optimum time to evade the sniper. Didn't think of that now did you? :p

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Works pretty good with finnish to dictate hangouts messages, some times have to cancel and try again saying slower/faster/clearer and then it works. I use it mostly when i am alone but for other situations i type it with smartphone or windows 8 hybrid. Maybe someone would but i am not going to buy smartwatch keyboard, i have bought too many alredy to my android devices(thumb keyboard and swype which i use nowdays both works with single purchase with smartphone and tablet, swiftkey was separate apps to buy when i bought thumb keyboard and when i bought swype)

I hope that more messasing apps will add good support for android wear like whatsapp, facebook, viber.

lol. These watches are a joke at the moment. Hopefully they can find enough suckers to buy them at their current state so they at least have incentive to push this tech further. Like the idea, but these aren't even half baked.

That's why you have a phone in your pocket. The whole point of a smartwatch is to be more convenient than pulling your phone out. This fails at that.

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LMAO!! I have the rss feed in my outlook here at work so all i see is the title b4 i open it. imagine reading that title and seeing nothing but "no its not" lol

Actually, Phil, how quickly you typed that phrase on a watch was pretty damn impressive if you ask me. Not something I would want to do very often, but neat.

Don't forget that there are hearing impaired people out there too that might enjoy a smartwatch...

And just for the rest of us, there are times when you might want to reply quickly and it would still be easier than digging your phone out of your pocket, and you might not be able to say, "Find him and kill him" in a present company...