Official Twitter for Android app

The official Twitter for Android app has been updated yet again to come closer to the feature improvements that have been made in the web version of Twitter. Tweets in the regular stream now include previews of any media attached to the tweet. Pictures, videos and articles will show up in-line with the tweet so they can be easily accessed after the preview. Several improvements have been made to the search functionality as well -- there are media previews in search stream tweets, and you can now get a "Photo Stream" to see what's happening at a given moment in pictures.

If you haven't given the official Twitter app a look in a while, you may want to give it a try. A lot of improvements have come in the recent updates. Grab a download at the Play Store link above.


Reader comments

Twitter for Android updated with in-line media previews


I've said it many times. All of these updates are basically pointless to me until they release a tablet version. Until then, my loyalty remains with 3rd party apps (specifically Plume), but this update has brought a pretty significant feature that many 3rd party apps have had for a long time.

I loaded it up and it's still appalling to me. I could only get inline media if i used the discover tab.
Plume, Ubersocial,etc still offers so much more.

^Second this. The app description in the play store mentions the previews are only for the "Discover" section, not the regular stream. My newly updated app fits that description.

My biggest issue is not being able to set notifications for every x minutes/hours. I use TweeCaster and every 15 minutes I receive a notification if anyone I follow has posted to Twitter. I could never find a way to do this in the Twitter app unless I added everyone as a favorite.