Twitter API v1.0 retirement the final nail in the coffin for TweetDeck

Starting May 7, the current TweetDeck app on Android (and iOS) will cease to function, and will then be removed from Google Play the same day. This will come as no surprise to those who saw the first news back in early March, but the shutdown is due to the retirement of Twitter API v1.0, which the TweetDeck apps rely on to function. Twitter, which has owned TweetDeck since mid-2011, has chosen to retire the apps rather than re-engineer them to work with updated API's.

Considering its general push towards slowing development of third party clients and encouraging users to use its own official Twitter client, the writing was on the wall for TweetDeck's shutdown. The one surviving piece of TweetDeck after May 7 will be the web app, which Twitter will continue to support. If you are still a TweetDeck user, you'll probably want to start looking for a replacement option. Luckily there are lots of great choices out there.

Source: TweetDeck

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Darth Spock says:

WHA!? Oh wait, you're right.. this was obvious.

panda_mode says:

It was a good run. Used to be one of my favorite apps

icebike says:

I suppose Tweak Deck will die a similar death.

Who actually removed apis? Deprecate sure, cease to maintain, fine, but remove? Pretty rare.

Qbancelli says:

I moved on to Falcon Pro a long time ago,

gdubmedia#IM says:

So the web app will work...any idea on how long before that gets shut down? I use the app from the Chrome Web Store leave it open as a pinned tab in Chrome, and as long as I've been using Tweetdeck, I don't fancy the idea of trying to learn a new app. Wish Carbon would come to the Chrome store....

M3wThr33 says:

Yellow one will die with this. Blue one will continue working.

android010 says:

Twitter app needs to have video and image preview in the timeline.

6thfret says:

I wouldn't mind this so much if the notifications in the official Twitter app weren't broken. I only use Tweetdeck because it gives me the notifications I want. The official app used to but now doesn't,and this is in the FAQ as a known issue that they don't seem to want to do anything about.