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We've long been fans of TuneIn Radio as an Internet radio app, and some 50 million monthly active users agree. Today the app has received a major update that not only freshens its look — it's now easier than ever to explore and listen to new content, and to help others do so as well.

For starters, you can now create your own customizable profile. That'll let your friends follow you and see what you're listening to on TuneIn. You can sign in with Facebook, which is nice, but we'd also love to be able to do so using our Google account. From there, you can "Echo" what you're listening to through your various social networks.

Meanwhile, there's the new Feed, which shows what's going on with your favorite TuneIn stations and shows — or just use the Explore feature to drill down through the different categories. And, as always, TuneIn remains an excellent way to keep up with your local radio stations that also have online streams. (That's still one of our favorite uses for the app.)

The visual update is largely a good thing, though we'd love to see a dark version, and it's a little forced on tablets.

And if you're looking to keep up on the latest edition of the Android Central Podcast, you'll find us in TuneIn as well. More on that later this week. For now, be sure to snag the update.


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TuneIn Radio gets a major redesign, with great new ways to explore content


Car Mode is dark :) and actually not half bad, just hit Follows and it opens your former favorites. Actually if I could get it to start in Car Mode that would be great.

My scheduled alarm didn't work after the update. I'm not sure how to set it in the new version

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The text is too small with no way of adjusting and the Teal theme is not my favorite. Also no ability to use with Chromecast which should have been added by now.

This is one of the WORST upgrades I've seen in any product in a long time.
Everyone opens this app and looks immediately for their Favorites. They have HIDDEN FAVORITES for pete sake!!

Who friggin cares how many other people "follow" something they like? Are they totally daft? Why would the put that front and center?
Why would I want to create a Profile to listen to the radio or a pod cast? So they can sell my info to advertisers?
Where are my folders?

Borgdog is right, Car mode is better than the standard interface!
I paid for Pro, but I'm now on the hunt in the market for alternatives.

Been a TuneIn user for years and bought TuneIn Pro... this update is BAD! Totally agree with Icebike on this one. I hope they're paying attention.

Totally agree with the favorites. Took me a while to find the darn things. When I start this app, all I need to see are the favorites. 9 times out of 10, most people will have chosen those stations they like and will very rarely add anything new. This design was made for the user to discover new content.

This will take some getting use to.

You are absolutely correct. This update stinks. What happened to the action where you could swipe the station logo and go to similar stations? This has to be the single worst app update I have ever seen.

Hidden Favorites is why I ditched TuneIn. I bought the Xiia Live Pro app, which is cleaner, although it doesn't have all the internet stations in its database. You can enter URLs manually --- if you can find the URL of the station. I'm on Android, but I have an old iPhone that I use for games and music, and it's harder to enter URLs and modify the genre, etc. on iOS Sometimes, Xiia drops the stream. Also, Xiia doesn't sync favorites to other devices. But for a cleaner interface, I prefer Xiia to Tunein. The perfect radio app? I haven't found it. Anybody else?

The worst part is that they removed the exit button in menu. Now it sticks and eats ram until you force it to close.

Yes, it needs a exit button! And I hate having to quit all apps and memory just to mall sure it's off!

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I thought I was the only one not able to locate the 'Exit'. Can't use this great (prior) app until they update it further as that is inevitable.

'tuneinradio pro'

You can quit the app clicking on the square 'stop' button, even when it's not playing, then by clicking on the 'X' when/if it's displayed at the top left, or just backing out until you're back to the Android home screen. When you press the 'stop' button in the app, it removes the notification bar icon, so you know you can quit and the app will be gone.

It does seem badly thought out. Why remove the 'Exit' menu option in the first place?

True, but it doesn't fully exit, it's still a background process. Which is technically fine, but me and many others like apps to be fully closed when we're done with them. An added frustration is that this has become the first app that doesn't even respond to my "hold-Back-to-kill" function that I have never seen fail before.

Anybody else frustrated about not being able to hold down on the station to choose which stream you want? I'm adding that to the list of complaints while I search for the most recent v11.3 apk.

Yes, you're right, I hadn't realised the background process still remains. Even worse, the latest update now has an 'Exit' option in the menu - but it also leaves the background service and process active - taking up 11 MB of memory on my phone.

Cheers Phil (and Co). Could you please get word to every designer out there that "upgrading" to microscopic, pastel-colored on gray-background, hairline fonts are the OPPOSITE of improving user experience. I refuse to put down my LTE-rooted Nexus-4 4.7" screen. (until maybe Nexus 6)

I support Tune-in Pro, and their aim to turn it into a Soundcloud Social-hybrid... 'their company; good for them for trying to make money and keep growing.... but if I have to use my Tablet to use it, I'll use it 80% less.

I agree where are my favorites I found them you have to play any station then go to following WTH following is called favorites and that it it. Everything else is social media crud that I don't care about.

Either Home or Profile shows my favorites as well as Follows in Car Mode, it really isn't that hard, especially since it opens to Home.

I can't be the only one who is SICK and tired of games and apps being so integrated with social 'malware'... I'm tired of it. I want to listen to the radio. ... Not tell my loser friends on Facebook about the song I just heard. I want to play a game. ... Not bug the hell out of people on social media with my progress.

I dunno maybe it's just me but I'm tired of how deep social media is running now. I actually disabled g+ on my phone and deleted Facebook. Just my opinion

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Yes indeed! I don't care to tell all my friends that I'm listening to Rupert Holmes' "Escape" (the Pina Colada song) 15 times a day...oops....damn.

Hideous update! Teal theme + Non-flat, light gray control bar REALLY??? text too small to be read comfortably. Driving mode still stuck in Gingerbread days. And this social trend is annoying, at least give us the option to turn it off from UX if we don't want that feature. Very disappointing, one of the ugliest "upgrade" in recent memory.

Just checked out their new web interface, gosh, it looks cheap, just as bad as the mobile update.

When I opened the new UI, I wasn't hit with a bench of ugliness and little text. The new greenish color is hideous. Not cool.

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Arrrrgh! Wish I'd read the comments here before upgrading. To be fair, favourites are now on the front page, if you scroll down, so are arguably more accessible.

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Hey people, instead of bashing it and passing judgement. How about giving some feedback to the developers so they can improve it.

Everyone is so quick to be negative.

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I've given feedback directly many times and have been ignored. Mainly, coming from the app being free on IOS to having to pay $7.36 for an inferior product is a disgrace. What's the point of recording programs if I can't press rewind or fast forward? I wish PocketCast would stream radio stations as well, as there isn't a viable alternative as far as I can tell. I also agree with others. This social media infiltration is becoming unbearable. All these companies have to justify there inflated stock prices and continue to grow by becoming embedded in everything. I truly hope there is a backlash against this soon. I am glad I didn't download to this new version.

And yet here you are, quick to your assumption that people aren't giving them feedback. When in fact, part of the frustration is not feeling heard. I certainly didn't ask for how this app has turned out, and it seems many others feel the same way.

Nobody can make everybody happy. But who were they catering to when they removed the Exit option, or long press to choose which stream you want, or making the interface harder to read (except on tablets), or making Favorites a little harder to find? Certainly not my feedback, which was positive until this v12 update.

I absolutely hate this update.
1.) Aside from when listening to a channel in the previous versions, or using car mode, there has never been a dark theme. This has been my biggest complaint since I bought Pro a while back, and the latest update again dropped the ball on the theme front.
2.) They made trying to fully exit the application incredibly difficult.
3.) You get an error when modifying your profile.
4.) Loathe the social integration, but that's where their competitors have gone... so they apparently want to follow.

Overall gave them 1 star for this update in the Play Store.

I will not be installing this update. Looking for another app instead. I want one that let's me just stream radio stations, not one that tries to take over my life.

I am really glad I read the update description & comments before downloading this stupid ass update. I refuse to update this crap. It looks horrible, changing Favorites to Following and removing the Exit button is ridiculous. I sent them an email with my "feedback" but I know it's going to be ignored (like the several times I asked for a damn fast forward button). This is probably worse than the last Facebook update and that's not good at all. I really hope everyone who hates it is smart enough to send their own feedback to the devs so they know how horrible it is. Not that it will help because they, like Facebook, are now too big to care about what the users want anymore. Hopefully I'm wrong.

Posted via Android Central App on The Nexus 5

It needs to be capable of recording on SD card..... then I can record music off wifi at night and play all day at work.

Posted via Android Central App

Try to stop the app. I asked for the normal exit app button and here's what I got back from them.

I asked:
Put the easy exit from the application back.
I use your application when traveling and need an easy way to exit your application.
I don't have unlimited data

They answered:
Thanks for contacting us. With our newest update, TuneIn Radio, like many other Android apps, can now be exited by pressing the back arrow until you reach your home screen. Alternatively, you can force the app closed from your Application Manager.

I replied:
Nothing personal, but do you use an android?
I tried using the back arrow until I was at my home screen. Guess what, It's still playing.

I got the same exact reply back and it wasn't even the main concern I wrote to them about, I complained about several issues, which means they must have a pre-written response that they send to everyone.

Posted via Android Central App on The Nexus 5

Really hard to get out of this app after update. Wouldn't stop playing music even though I pressed the stop button and really eats battery. 30 mins of playing used over 20 percent battery. Also all 3 stations had bad jumping in them like someone scratching a vinyl record.

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I want to listen to the radio period. Not connect to social media. This update is making this app far too intrusive. I will be looking for something else. Too bad. :(

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Please share what apps you are using to replace TuneIn Radio Pro. I feel the same way as commenters here...hate the social media integration, hate the colors, hate that I have to look around for my favorites, just want to listen to the radio (mostly sports talk in other markets since no one talks hockey in L.A.). I did email developer, for what it's worth. I heart radio is fine, but it doesn't have same channels as Tune In. Would love to try some other apps. Please post if you have good alternatives...Thanks!

I'm now using Xiia Live Pro after ditching TuneIn. It has its problems, but I couldn't stand TuneIn's problems -- all the ones you mentioned. Xiia doesn't have all the channels, but on Android, you can add URLs manually. It's not too hard (but on iOS it's a bit harder to navigate to manual entry). Xiia sometimes drops the stream. Dark mode is not colorless; there's a touch of orange in the top nav bar and in some labels. Xiia lacks sync to other device or the cloud. But I hate TuneIn more.

WOW....worst update I've ever saw. Uninstalled it even with no decent alternative! I'm back listening to internet radio on my computer as I found the update numerous times wouldn't connect to stream. I found the app was also slow to load. Did they hire old Facebook developers for this build???

Unfortunately, not the case. They must have seen your post and said, "worst you say? Nah, we can make a must more horrific one!".

The update dated 5/19 keeps all the same problems, sans an exit button, yet they add permissions to read (let's say steal) your contact information. All of this without even a single sentence of explanation. I did email them to inquire. As you'd imagine, they don't even want to acknowledge it.

It is sad that we've reached a point where we have to question the supposedly reputable app developers. Who, apparently, are not so reputable after all. :-(


I contacted them as to why they wanted to read my contacts and my google account info. They sent me a link to their privacy and sharing info page. Sooooooo, it is all but confirmed they want to sell your contacts, and possibly your Google account info (they could make a little bit on the black market for accounts with valid credit card information, I suppose).

Thanks but no thanks.

This app is horrible. This is a disaster. You can't exit the app so it drains your battery and uses data. Where did all my favorites go!!! Did anyone test this thing? Went from being the best streaming music and radio app to the worse!!!!

Put me down for not liking this upgrade. I don't want social integration or a UI that I can't navigate quickly and easily, let alone see because of the choices of colors and fonts.
Not liking the trend I'm noticing in interface "evolution" by many developers including this one.

1. The latest update broke the bluetooth integration with my car.
2. Now when I get new email notification Tunein Radio stops and never restarts

The last updates broke it. Version 12.x. Now they want too many permissions,I uninstalled all the updates back to version 6.5 and save about twelve megabytes in storage. The app I have now is only about 650 kilobytes and it works great. And no intrusive permissions. These developers are really pushing it. People are revolting.