Toshiba Thrive Android 3.2

The Toshiba Thrive Android tablet has received its update to Android 3.2. In addition to the version bump, you're also getting:

  • Enables an improved compatibility mode enhancing the way applications originally designed for smaller screen devices appear and function on the larger tablet display.
  • Improves screen rotation acceleration.
  • Adds extended screen support API, giving developers more precise control over the user interface across a range of Android-powered devices.

Thrive owners can snag the update in the tablet's update app. Do note that if you use the Android Market widget, it might disappear because of a naming change. You can add it back after the update.

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Reader comments

Toshiba Thrive gets its Android 3.2 update


Anyone know if swype has been updated to a newer version? I'd install now but left my power cord at home.

The only bad thing I have found is that using a USB stick to transfer large files to the device's built-in storage or SD card is not working at all - the File Manager keeps complaining that the system is examining filesystems and no file operations can be performed at this time. I would say this is a dealbreaker, except that my experiemce with these transfers in Honeycomb 3.1 was that the files were transfered but the USB stick was left with a corrupted filesystem, so I'd rather have my tablet not transfering files than corrupting the USB stick.

Anyone know if it's possible yet to play a GoPRO HD Hero video file yet on the Thrive? I loved the tablet, and need an SD card slot; however, the lack of native support to watch the files on the Thrive forced me to return it. Waiting until a tablet can do this before I jump in on one.