Toshiba Excite 10 LE

You want thin, yet fully featured? Then you need to look at the Toshiba Excite 10 LE. It has decent, but not breath-taking specs -- OMAP dual-core 4430 at 1.2GHz, 1GB DDR2 RAM, 10.1-inch IPS display at 1280x800, Android 4.0 and all the ports and slots you'd even want. The screen on the Excite is pretty nice too. I noticed great viewing angles, and it's really nice and bright. Toss in a magnesium back with a modern textured feel, and it's sounding like a nice piece of gear. 

But all that pales when you realize how oh-my-God thin it is. 7.7mm to be exact, or one-tenth of a millimeter thinner that the HTC One S. It's amazing. In fact, when you first pick it up you do a double-take, simply because it is so thin and light (535 grams). It's beyond impressive. 

I'm putting this one through the paces. I use the heck out of a tablet, even though for the longest time I didn't think I would. If it can be broken, I will break it. If it can be crashed, I will crash it. If it performs great, I will love it. Keep an eye out for a full review, but I wanted everyone to have a quick look at the new sexy. Hit the break for a video and some pictures.


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Chill-Lee says:

Jerry, long time follower 3rd time responder!

How does this Tosh compare to the Moto XOOM Family Edition (10.1),spec and build wise?
Recently purch a refurb XOOM FE ($297)and I am really liking it!

jaswolf says:

I just got a TF300, I'd be interested to know how it compares to that, especially for $200 more.

hkklife says:

Does it charge over microUSB or does it use that huge and unsightly Toshiba AC charger with a proprietary connector?

dcreed says:

From that pic, looks like the latter.

JtothaR says:

That proprietary connector probably has a USB A on the other end anyway. You will just be sentenced to carrying a second cable all around with you for this one.

commonplace says:

I can't find the full review. Was it ever posted?