Galaxy S5 battery life

One of the top questions we'll get this year regards Samsung Galaxy S5 battery life. Simply put, you just can't get enough. We hear you. In fact, there are those who will do anything and everything to eke out every last ounce of battery life from their Galaxy S5. Every last mAh. Every last minute. One more tweet. One last selfie.

We get you. Battery life is of top importance with your Galaxy S5.

Whether you're new to smartphones in general or the Galaxy S5 in particular, there are a few tips and tricks you can learn to get the best battery life from your GS5. Some of them are applicable to other smartphones. Some will be specific to the Samsung Galaxy S5. And all are worth reviewing. These are meant for the sort of user who isn't into hacking his or her phone. We're not talking custom kernels or ROMs here. Just everyday tips anyone can apply to their Galaxy S5.

So let's take a look at some of our favorite Galaxy S5 battery life tips and tricks. When you're done, be sure to swing by our Galaxy S5 forums and see how other folks are improving their battery life. And hit up this page for more Galaxy S5 help.


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Top tips for saving battery life on the Samsung Galaxy S5


These are great tips Phil! And most carry over for any android phone. I like my brightness at 50%/auto and I think GPS Battery Saving mode is a great addition to KitKat. Sounds like the battery life for the S5 isn't stellar but with the right tweaks I bet it can be pretty good.
Also could the s-view case be another battery saver? Not powering on the whole screen when notifications pop in and checking the time.

Not stellar? I've been getting 7 hours of on screen time, with a mix of video streaming and browsing. It beats the Note series thus far.

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I think you are wrong, but will hold out for the next month for real world testing. If the One is decent, the S5 has to at least be on par

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Yea, I usually get about 4 and half hours of on screen time. My battery usually last about 10 hours and I'm a pretty heavy user.

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I just buy the spare battery and it if phone charger from Samsung. The last 2 phones I've registered with them they gave me a 50 percent off 50 or lessOn accessories. Comes to about 28 bucks with shipping. No battery problems at all, I leave it wide open!

The S5 gives me the best battery life of any phone I have ever owned. I get around 7 hours of on screen time with a mix of video streaming and browsing. The most I got on the S4 was a little over 4, Note 2 was about 6.

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7 hrs of f screen on is amazing if true I'm getting 5- 5.5 with my G2 and I thought that was awesome.

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That's interesting since the S5 ranks behind the G2 in every category on the GSM Arena battery tests. I wonder if their testing scenarios don't use the best settings...

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If they run their test with the screen on full brightness, or disabling the CPU scaling or something like that, it could definitely make a huge difference. I can't really comment, as I'm not familiar with GSM Arena's battery tests, but there are lots of tiny changes that can end up making a big difference.

Also, I'm not sure about the G2 screen, but with AMOLED, you'll get better battery if you're viewing a darker image more frequently. With an LCD, power usage is pretty flat, regardless of what you're viewing. With OLED, watching a video on the arctic will use *far* more power than watching a video about space.

Why must websites add in the paginated articles? I do NOT want to click next to view the next tip. I know this drives more ad traffic your way Phil, but do the end users some justice and list in in one long vertical list like normal people.

I actually specifically did not click on the "next" links for this reason even though I was curious about the content. AC- please please do not go down this route, it's a terrible experience for readers.

So click on the button that looks like a page and have all the content on one giant page :) The choice is yours but it's a bit harsh to go ballistic when you're given the choice.

I actually don't mind it. It's not like Bing where they give you some vague idea of what you're looking at and then make you click a link to a Bing search to get the rest of the story.

Buy some extra batteries off Ebay with a separate wall plug battery charger. Forget saving battery and laugh at people who are stuck with built in batteries.

I'd rather have a phone that can last a day and a half to 2 days on a built in battery than have to swap batteries half way through the day. I laugh at people who have to do THAT.

LOL this is pathetic. I've got a tip: Buy the superior HTC One M8! Hell, even get the HTC One M7...still better than this Samsung trash.

Yeah, that way you get a smaller battery that you don't have the option to replace. Every phone eats battery life, the M7 is no different, and most of these tips apply to it as well.

I had my iPhone 3GS for 3 years, never had to replace the battery. My HTC One (M7) is as good as the day I purchased it over a year ago. If you need to replace your're doing it wrong.

I did two test runs since I got my S5.
The first gave me 27 Hours. Then I just got 33 hours yesterday. That ultra power saving mode is serious. Could have gotten way more too.

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If you're tethering a laptop, you really should plug you phone into a USB port, and let that big laptop battery keep your phone going. Not doing so demonstrates a severe lack of thought.

And I'm not quite sure I understand why gray scale saves power. To create a white (or gray) pxel the phone needs to light red, blue and green LEDs. A monochromatic red (or green, or blue) display should be much more efficient, as it leaves many more LEDs turned off.

That's good, but I discovered something else that helps save battery is changing the Mobile Data Network (LTE, 4G, 3G, E) depending on what you use your internet for. Me for example, I don't use those data hungry apps like Facebook and instagram, etc. I just use ,my email, mostly. So what I did is switched my S5's data network from 4GLTE to GSM.
I think since LTE is a way faster Data network it uses more battery than GSM's edge network which is much slower, but just enough to get what I want done. It works for me but I may be wrong, feel free to correct me if necessary. But I've observed this on My S5 as well as my previous Android phone.

Don't really understand the crazynesss over battery cases. They are fat and adds alot of thickness and makes the slim galaxy s5 ugly + the phone is not longer waterproof!!

I just got an awesome batterypack (2 batteries + USB enabled wall charger)

I never run out of battery. These batteries are better than the original Samsung OEM batteries in every aspect I can think of and half the price. Whenever im out of juice I just plug one of the Volutz Supremacy series batteries and instantly im on 100% with none of the extra weight a battery case gives and without breaking the water proof seal of my S5.


I have the galaxy s5 and lately I havent been able to use Power Saving Mode. It was working before but now when I try to turn it on, it says to turn on at least one fucntion first. What does this mean and how can I get power saving mode to work again? Thanks.