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Top app, device and accessory sales for July 23, 2014


Dead space - This item is not available in your country! - UK
Ahhh, OK wtf

Posted via Android Central App on LG G2

It is, but not using the link in the article. Search Play Store (from your phone's app) for "Dead Space", it's 70% off at £1.49.

Posted via Android Central App

I'd say pretty good I got this exact same card at best buy for 50 bucks
Posted from my Nexus 7 2013 running Android L or Samsung galaxy S5

I'm sure the G3 Surface case is selling quite briskly without having to reduce the price being that the G3 was just released.........unlike the Moto X which isn't seeing that many buyers now that the X+1 is on the horizon.

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