Toggled in quick settings, new feature gives quick access to five favorite apps

In all the commotion over finger scanners, water resistance and 16-megapixel cameras, one neat new multitasking feature on the Samsung Galaxy S5 has been easy to overlook. Nevertheless, the GS5's "Toolbox" feature could be particularly useful if you're hopping between the same few apps on a regular basis. Enabled in the quick settings area, Toolbox is a floating circle with three dots that sits on top of every thing else running on the phone. Tap it and it'll expand to show up to five favorite apps, configurable through Settings > Toolbox.

We've got a quick video walkthrough of Toolbox on the Galaxy S5 up top.


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'Toolbox' on the Galaxy S5 is a miniature floating app drawer


I agree i could see myself using this for sure as well. Maybe put the circle at the bottom of the home screen to replace those constant apps

This is a redundant feature that's taking up precious storage space. You gave us the multitasking button that Google blessed. Quit with the (S)hit Features..!

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But yet most people will call it bloat. The design sucks, the camera lags, touchwiz is terrible.

I hope they never release this abomination of a phone.


You really should see the crap I don't post. Sorry if honesty offends you

But the Galaxy S4 is made out of plastic instead of all metal so it must suck. Thus phone looks better and better the more I see of it.

Hi Alex,

not sure if it might be spelled differently in Britain, but "commotion" has two m's. :) Probably just a typo anyway.

This is neat to have straight out of the box on your phone, but like others here are saying, 3rd party apps have been doing this for years now. But progress is progress!

Hey Alex. Is there any one-hand operation feature in the settings? If so, is it same as seen on Note 3 or did they upgraded that feature?

I don't believe the S4 had any "one handed mode" settings. I believe they reserve this stuff for their larger devices (Note 3/Mega), but I could easily be wrong.

I dislike manufacturer attempts to improve when there are so many apps our there that either do the same or are better. They just take up space, memory, and often cannot be removed or deactivated.
From what I see of this, I'd still prefer my MUST HAVE app Notification Toggles. I think the one button access is a cool option, but this app does what I need.

Granted, but Samsung would have done better to advertise that these apps exist, rather than build something (not even as good, IMO) into the OS itself.

Can the toolbox button be MOVED anywhere on the screen?

I like the idea a lot, but I can see it getting in the way of things if it is in the wrong spot for certain apps, etc ..

It would have been nice if your video actually captured the screen close up, so we could easily see what's going on, instead of shooting from 5 feet away.