Today Calendar for Android

Today is a new calendar app for Android by Jack Underwood that aims to present you with a modern and streamlined view of your schedule. Today has a clean, white interface, replacing the gray UI of the stock calendar app. At first blush it looks quite similar to the leaked screenshots of the upcoming Android Calendar app update (though Today has been in development since before those screenshots leaked).

Today contains all of the standard features that you would expect from a calendar app, though a few have been modified in an effort to boost performance. The app adds an All-In-One section that combines the month and agenda views to make planning easier. Today Calendar Widgets are also bundled with the app.

You can download Today - Calendar from Google Play now for $2.99. There is also trial version of Today available for those that want to try it out before buying.


Reader comments

Today Calendar's great scheduling experience rises out of beta


Google's own calendar does the job for me...very easy to use and easy to manage.

Posted via Android Central App on LG G2

I'd love a calendar (even Google's) over Samsung's but Samsung blocks the ability to turn off their calendar........

Like Google calendar and the Samsung calendar, this app does not permit you to edit an appointment if it was placed on your calendar by an invitation. I am still forced to a different app for this feature.

The S Planner is turned off on my GS4.... =/
There is a setting somewhere in the systems menu, can't remember exactly where now :)

Really? Are you sure you cannot disable the app?

I was thinking of purchasing the SGS5. So if I install Google Calendar, the notification of the TouchWiz calendar will still be active?

All you have to do is go into settings in the S Calendar and disable the notifications. You just can't uninstall it. But you can hide it away in a folder like I do my unused, uninstallable apps.

I thought it looked a lot like the leaked screenshots as well. From the image, I thought maybe Google had already pulled the trigger!

Not sure what you mean by Samsung blocking... I have a Note 3 and use DigiCal without a problem. Google is my main calender resource {I have 4 difference resources that populate my calender.} You can decide which resource is used to populate whatever calender app you wish to use. Just turn off the Samsung calender in Accounts/Sync if you don't want to use it. Or in the settings of the calender app you want to use don't select Samsung.

Is there any calendar app that comes with major holidays in it kinda like the regular calendars?

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I've always wondered why they don't. I use Business Calendar Pro which is a very powerful calendar and it has no holidays.

I have a Note 3 and the Samdsung Calender works for me. It even has a built in task list that syncs with Google. Google Calender still after all these years doesn't provide for a task list that works on there mobile platform. I need a seperate taks list that is displayed in my calendar but easy to add a task in a seperate list.

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Looks like the only thing that's different from Google calendar is the month screen which just rips off samsung's calendar. Business calendar pro and tasks ftw.

Major cosign. I've tried many calendar apps and always come back to Business Calendar Pro and Business Tasks. I'll try this one though.

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