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Titanium Backup Pro has long been a favourite in the Android toolbox for root users. Its feature list and relative ease of use have seen it become a must have, including the ability to sync your backups with your Dropbox account. With the recent launch of Google Drive, Titanium now offers sync to your Drive account with this latest update to the application should you be using the paid, Pro version. 

Google Drive sync isn't the only new feature to be heading our way though. The full changelog reads a little something like this:

• [PRO] Supports Google Drive!
• [PRO] Can use a Filter for Dropbox/Box/Google Drive sync. All features from the Filters screen are supported.
• Can backup & restore system apps on stock ROMs, for backups made with TB 5.1.0+.
• Fixed infamous "Android Market query failed" error when viewing Market info on an app.
• Fixed frozen system apps getting defrosted when integrating their updates into ROM.
• Fixed TB launch failure on some ROMs (for LG Optimus 2X & SGS2).
• Misc improvements & bugfixes.

As always, we've got download links to the Google Play store for you after the break. 


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Titanium Backup updated, addition of Google Drive sync for Pro users


I just used the Google Drive option this morning on my replacement Galaxy Nexus. Worked like a charm Titanium saved me a ton of work.

Hi there,am really looking for help on how to upgrade my htc one x to jb 4.2.2, done some research on it but all so confusing, so many tips and so much downloading to do, am afraid I won't back up the phone properly and then brick it, am on a day off tomorrow and really want to giz it a shot,would really appreciate some guidence from a pro in straight forward easy to follow steps, if you could help.

Dear god this app is the only reason i have anything with drop box so thats gonna change soon!!!! Plus i cant remember the pass word i used anyone know how to get password recovery off drop box?? THANK YOU TITANIUM TRACK YOUR APPS ARE AMAZING WOOOT!!!

Beware that TBP (v5.1.0) Sync to Google Drive operation sends the files to Google Drive with the actual transfer time and date, rather than the original time and date from the Android device, with the result that on future syncs, it sends all of the files again, rather than just those files that were updated after the previous sync, builds up redundant files in Google Drive, and takes much longer to complete on those subsequent syncs. That problem doesn't exist on the Dropbox sync process in TBP.

I submitted a trouble ticket to Titanium, and hope it will be resolved quickly, but in the meantime, you can easily build up some huge file usage in Google Drive, and those files will be pretty much useless when the problem is fixed in the app, since they are incorrectly time and date stamped.

Update: Response from Titanium says that the Google Drive problem will be fixed in the next app update.

How does it work? I enabled it( didn't ask for password or account) and Google Drive is on phone and synced yet when I do backups nothing gets synced.... yes I am connected to Wi-Fi. Please someone help? :-)

I'll try to explain, as best I can. If anyone else sees any oversights or mistakes here, please feel free to help @JEvoUser.

Within the Titanium Backup Pro app,
go to Preferences, set the Enable Google Drive box,
on the same page, select Google Drive Settings
If you want to change the default name TitaniumBackup, select Remote Location & enter the name of the folder you want to use in Google Drive
Select OK
Select Elements to Synchronize if you want to change from the default Synchronize everything,
Select History coverage, if you want to change from the default of All History
Go back to the main TBP app and select Schedules
You should see a Sync to Google Drive section.
Select Run
(This next part is somewhat from memory, since I've already done it, and it doesn't go through this part again.)
It should then ask you to sign in to Google
Enter your Google UserID & Password (if you use the 2 level authentication, use your primary password, and it will solicit the code from Google Authenticator)
It should run the backup as requested.
After that is done, you can modify your existing schedules, or create new ones, and set them to run the Sync to Google Drive after they complete the primary backups. (you need to scroll down to see that option)

Please be aware of the current issue with file time/date stamps that I commented on above, that will make the usefulness of the backups problematic, but at least with this procedure you can get everything set up to go.

Good Luck

Sorry it took so long to get back and see if anyone responded but this is exactly what I wanted to know. Thanks for your help its much appreciated. Worked like a charm.