Titanium Backup Pro

Now that Google has enabled the full Market for quite a few more countries, some great applications that were previously only available through third party sources have shown up for sale.  Titanium Backup Pro is one of them.  If you're any type of hacker, ROM junkie, or just prudent and want to keep your own backup, you've heard of (and probably used) Titanium Backup.

It's a great tool that has saved my bacon more than once, and I know I'm not alone.  I didn't have any problem buying the Pro license via PayPal, but there's a lot of you that for one reason or another weren't comfortable with that, or just couldn't do it.  Now's your chance to support the developer, and unlock all the great extras that come with the pro version -- dropbox sync support, batch one-click restore, and more.  It will be the best six bucks you've spent on the Market.  Download link after the break!


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Spork1673 says:

great tool but 7$ is kinda steep

Meh.... this app is worth at least 7 dollars. If you it saves you just once, then it was worth the 7 dollars.

Spork1673 says:

true but i can do just about everything with the free version

SuperJonCA says:

Actually $6

aznmode says:

There should be an upgrade price for those who already bought Titanium Backup. I don't feel the extras are worth paying more than what the regular one goes for.

whippingboy says:

How is this better than My Backup Pro (which I already own)?

itch808 says:

IMO it isn't

orion11 says:

i don't have as much experience with MBP so correct me if I am wrong. But I feel that TB backs up more system information, so after a restore your device is closer to the state of the backup.

maniac2k says:

This program is definitely worth the money!

jayhammy says:

It's saved me MANY times. After flashing a new ROM, it's always great to be able to restore all my apps with just a few clicks.

can someone explain to me why this is worth it compared to rom manager???

SuperJonCA says:

It's only six bucks, not seven.

weehooherod says:

Titanium Backup is god.

crxssi says:

Note that you have to be rooted/have root to use it.

So worth the money. Ti Backup is the best backup program there is, by at least several miles.

Are you serious..... You have to be rooted to use this?

sremick says:

To be able to provide a full and effective backup on Android, any backup program needs root access. Without it, the amount of data that can be accessed is limited and getting a perfect backup/restore not possible.

can someone reconfirm this for me, that only a rooted phone can be truly be backed up? I'm new to Android and wasn't looking into rooting. Most people recommend My Backup Pro, but there were some reviews that concerned me, and I was wondering if maybe not having root access was the problem with MBP.

sremick says:

I paid for the Pro version already because as far as I could determine, it was the best backup app out there for Android.

However, the ONLY avenue for support is a 3rd-party forum and there is basically NO support there. Countless questions get repeated for months and never answers, threads rot still awaiting solutions.

I'm beginning to regret my purchase. I might look into MyBackup and just cut my losses if the author is not going to support Titanium Backup.

orion11 says:

Is there anything different between the Market "pro" version and the pervious "donate" version which was 3.99 USD?

Jimhtc says:

When you freeze a program with TB pro does it stay on the all apps screen but doesn't work or does it disappear from the all apps screen until you unfreeze it again?

bobthebob says:

I'm having a strange issue - I've been using TP for about 6 weeks with no problems. then all of a sudden today I go to open it up and... it's missing!

App Manager says it's installed - Android Market says it's installed, but it's gone! and even the shortcut icon I put in a folder on my home screen is gone!


anyone else ever had this problem?

I'm running a rooted Droid X with OTA Froyo.

bobthebob says:

UPDATE - uninstall and re-install fixed the issue.

strange tho.