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The massively popular Tinder dating app has added Snapchat-style self-destructing image sharing between users. In addition to swiping Yay or Nay on eligible local bachelors and bachelorettes, you can now blast out pictures to those you've successfully been matched with. The catch is pictures go out to all matches you've made and the shot deletes itself after 24 hours. Those on the receiving end can like or pass on pictures just like they do user profiles, or leave a comment as a reply.

These "Moments" have some light filtering and editing capabilities, such as text and marking up, though you can just share pictures as shot. Unfortunately, you can't add them from the device gallery. Besides that, the rest of Tinder got a bit of a visual update, including a new look for the menu system.

How many of you guys and gals use Tinder? Have any luck with it? How about Snapchat? Do you see yourself sending pictures on Tinder through Moments, even if you can't selectively send them to individuals?

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theintention says:

Let the wiener pics commence.

Everyone was thinking it...

"Frankly" (pun totally intended) I'm surprised they could scrape together a serious article about this update!

Revrant says:

Oh boy! Now I just have to wait until someone swipes right!

Any day now...

Jonneh says:

It's coming...eventually...for us all! Someday.

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Surprised there's no mention that Tinder no longer support ART with the app suggesting a switch back to Davlik. Absurd.

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markdowd84 says:

Yup. Going backwards is bad.

markdowd84 says:

Lol. You called it a "dating" app.

You can chose who sees your moments by clicking the 'eye' on their profile once you're matched with them

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