Gotta love this. Tim Tebow couldn't make it in the NFL. Hence, he has no contract. T-Mobile also doesn't have contracts (sort of, only, really, it does),  but it now has Tim Tebow. Riding bulls. And driving muscle cars. And rocking out. And delivering babies. And finding Sasquatch. And finding world peace. And walking on the moon.

'Cause that's what the kid does, yo.

We've got one more commercial after the break.

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Tim Tebow's doing T-Mobile Super Bowl commercials now


I miss that guy! I'm my opinion he was a good QB! I kinda wish he didn't leave Denver but hey we got Manning! Broncos FTW Superbowl 2014!

Nexus 5...enough said

As a Steelers fan, [insert several minutes of snarling, swearing and hateful ranting about Tebow's time with the Broncos].

Anyone who thinks Tim Tebow was a good NFL quarterback doesn't know anything about good NFL QBs. On a good team, Tebow the QB doesn't get out of training camp.

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No but that doesn't mean he wasn't a good player, all those wins he got his team with like 10 completions, it takes a special player to do that

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Everybody trashes Tebow...I think that's why he's so popular. The commercials are pretty good, so is Tebow. T-Mobile is smart. The ads will be a hit, plus all the tebow haters will make them even more popular. Great marketing!

Well he's a very dynamic person....just not in the NFL. This commercial shows he can at least do other things.

You used a period when you should have used a question mark, but you're wrong, nonetheless...

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Glad to see him doing anything but football. If he "Tebows" during any of the commercials, I...I...I am just gonna be sick.

this is ridiculous. Tim Tebow is making a huge mistake.

T-Mobile is showing themselves as a classless organization, and Tim Tebow prides himself on being a classy guy.

Bad fit.

No actually a good fit.

Both want to be something they are not, keep telling everyone how great they are, try different things to try and get better, and eventually failed(or will) and sold out for what they could get.

They fit perfect.

Why do honest comparisons always get called that yet no one can dispute it with any kinds of facts?

What honest comparison and what facts have you provided for the so called "honest comparisons"? You said it well in the first part of it "They want to be something..", and should have stopped there. And they both try, quite in different areas of life though, so it's more than difficult to compare it. Tebow is a great football player and athlete, just not suited in style as a QB in NFL, nothing more nothing less.
T-mobile, is a great company that offers good service for reasonable prices. But there service coverage is not everywhere and their style and plan/price structure doesn't suit everyone. Both parties have achieved much in their existence, saying they have failed it's either ignorance or bad intended.

Most people would be grateful for the opportunity to play in the NFL. Most people if you told them they couldn't be a QB and had to be a TE or FB, they'd say "OK!". Not Tim Tebow though. Either he's a QB or he'll take his ball and go home. His attitude reeks of spoiled entitlement.

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It's pretty funny how you ask people to provide facts when you yourself have provided absolutely none in your own statement. Everything you said is based on your own opinion, look that word up in a dictionary. So you are either really uneducated and don't know what the word "facts" means, or you're too ignorant to realize that you're a hypocrite.

OK facts-

Tmo wants to have 300M subscribers they do not
Tebow wants to be a QB he isnt one

That takes care of the first part

They keep telling everyone how great they are is self explanatory. Tebow refusing anything but QB, Tmo with the BS they do over and over

Trying different things. WIth Tmo that is self evident. With Tebow he goes to QB coach after QB coach and gets no better

They failed. Tebow is not in the NFL, Tmo is still in 4th. Tebow sold out to television instead of accepting his place as a TE or something like that. Tmo has been up for sale forever.

Anything I miss?

could not agree more. if Tim Tebow wants to be held to a high standard why be paid by a company that treats their competition with such a lack of class? He wants to be known as a sportsman if high standards, I guess unless there is a payday

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Both the underdog carrier and the underdog football player.

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Tebow was never an underdog. He won a national championship, a Heisman, and was drafted in the first round. Those aren't underdog credentials. He simply sucked at the highest level and was too proud, stubborn, stupid or self-entitled to consider any other position than QB. Nothing noble about that.

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Actually pretty funny...I hope he gets in the NFL again regardless of what people say.. he's a proven Winner and a hard worker..

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I agree. Tebow is the man, he is still young and just needs another great opportunity.

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Dude worked his ass off in the nfl, no one trained or was at practice longer than him, if you can't respect that you're ignorant

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but he is not a team player. He is not a QB and needs to just switch positions.

You are right, he works hard

Having met Tim, he is a classy guy. He will continue to do well in life and I am glad he is not playing in the NFL as we have seen the results of a playing career on a player's health.

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You really shouldn't count his season as the Jets' benchwarmer.

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Very true. But why wouldn't he. He played pro like he wanted. He kept his charity going and now he's getting more money doing jobs he likes. Yea, he's not playing pro like he wants but he's still happy.

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+1 I hope they still use her. Who says they can't have both BA Tim Tebow and attractive Carly? Plenty of companies have multiple concurrent advertising campaigns.

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Good for him. Funny commercial. Surprised to not see any tmobile bashing comments. That seems to be the trend lately.

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T-Mobile does a lot right. That press release was shitty and juvenile though.

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The Arizona Cardinals pick him up. He is better than half the quarterbacks in the league.

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There isn't a worse QB anywhere in the NFL. First, second or third string.

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while he is not "better than half the QBs in the league" he is better than some backups. Maybe 10 of them

You obviously have not seen Curtis Painter play.
Ugh. No wonder Indianapolis got rid of him.
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Awesome commercial! And I disagree with those saying that Tim is lowering his standards by doing this one. If anyone see's this as anything more than an entertaining way to spotlight T-Mobile's shtick at trying to hang with the big boys you're a bit deluded. Everything they are doing is getting them free press and noticed by consumers who are fed up with their current carrier. T-Mobile is betting for the long haul. They know they don't have the infrastructure currently to compete at the level of the Big 3, but if they continue to peak curiosity among consumers with amusing ads and witty jabs at their competition I genuinely believe that they have a good shot at winning customers over as there LTE infrastructure grows.

Big 3? You must mean big 2. T-Mobile can definitely compete with Sprint. Sprint's network is unreliable and often slow, and their subscriber base is much closer to T-Mobile's than those of AT&T or Verizon.

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I'm so stoked for the Superbowl this Sunday! Gonna be fish and chips all around! Holla Whoooo-Raaaa!

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He doesn't suck. It's just teams don't know how to use him. There are plenty of other players that yearly sucked and still played or are currently paying because they are not quarterbacks.

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He sucked as a QB and won't play anything other than QB. That's pretty sucky.

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Stop hating on the guy bro how many comments u gonna make about tebow sucking go play w a girl she'll take some of that hatred out you

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This will be one of the best Super Bowl commercials. Too funny! Good that he has the humor to implicitly make fun of himself.

Good to see that Tebow's been keeping busy lol that's awesome

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Right on very funny commercial, good to see the kid keeping himself busy.

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