Finding the right keyboard for your tablet can be tough. It's like shopping for a smartphone really, different strokes for different folks and not any one app is going to cover everybody. That said; Thumb Keyboard certainly tries to cover all bases and requirements a user may run into and the latest update shows adds some pretty interesting features as you see in the video but here's a run down of them all:

  • Coverflow theme browser with 24 themes (more to come)
  • Option to adjust the width of the split keyboard to the range of your thumbs!
  • Customizable toolbar
  • Option to change the secondary symbols on the letter keys
  • Resizable font
  • Text shortcut buttons (save and re-enter much used phrases)
  • New prediction feature: predict next word based on previous one.
  • Better prediction by the use of new dictionaries
  • 4.3: new theme browser, lots of new themes, customizable sec. symbols
  • 4.3.2: new landscape layout with cursor keys, new themes

Having been using Thumb Keyboard on my Motorola Xoom for the past 24 hours now, I can safely say that it is leaps and bounds better then the built-in keyboard. Having customizable options is pretty awesome, especially being able to adjust the height of the keyboard, as standard settings for me seem too large. Add the themes added by WJD Designs and you've got a whole new look to your tablet. If you're shopping around for a new keyboard layout, give Thumb Keyboard a look. Screen shots and download links can be found beyond the break.

Thumb Keyboard

Thumb Keyboard


Reader comments

Thumb Keyboard receives significant update to v4.3.2


I love SwiftKey on my Android phone but you can't beat Thumb Keyboard for tablets. Works great on my XOOM!

How well does this compare to SwiftKey Tablet X? That is what I am currently using, and really enjoying, on my G-Slate. I was actually considering giving up on tablets and going to a small laptop had I not found the SwiftKey keyboard.

It works great on my xoom. But it says new landscape layout with cursor keys and I don't see a difference. Is it just me. And I would love to be able to take the cursor keys off. Moving around the cursor in honeycomb is quite good as it is.

are you using the 7" layout 1 and 10" layout? Those are the only 2 layouts it will change in and only portrait - it says that under the "Show Cursor Keys"

I have used it for awhile nice key pad. However is anyone else having trouble with update. Every time I try to download a new theme it fails says to check my Internet connection, I've checked and can download anything else except from their themes.

Can't underestand why anyone wants to use a thumb keyboard on a tablet. It's a big screen. I would, however, pay a big premium for a standard keyboard with a number row.

so you can't understand why people use Thumb Keyboard which brings a split design and moves it towards their thumbs or you can you a lot other keyboard layout variations for a better range of options for the user...

Verse the standard one where people have to reach far with their thumb if they use it in hands....

Thumb keyboard also allows you to switch the layout easily to either split, 1 handed or standard layout.

The way I use my xoom, I like to have everything within reach of my thumbs, which is why I love this keyboard, the browser's quick controls and Swiftkey for tablets. in fact, it would be great if ice cream sandwich moved pop up dialogue windows to the edge of the screen or at least made this an optional feature.

I certainly agree about the pop up needing to either be configurable or closer to the screen edges for one-handed reach.

wow.....thanks so much for the tip. I didn't even realize such a keyboard existed. I hated the overgrown stock keyboard so very much. This one works very well, although I have yet to see any text prediction.