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So in the UK, we know that the Galaxy Nexus is definitely coming this week, but so far exact details on pricing in particular have been somewhat scarce. Three UK, one of the first to announce they would be carrying the device, have today finally lifted the lid on how much of your hard earned cash you'll need to part with to get one. The good news is, not too much.

The Nexus can be yours for free on a new, two year, £34 per month contract. The even better news is that for a further £3 per month, Three will provide you will all you can eat data. Earliest delivery dates are currently showing up as this Friday 18 November. Hit the source link to head over to the pre-order page. 

Source: Three UK
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Three UK gives Galaxy Nexus pricing and release details


Anyone know what the US price is (conv)? Also, anyone know if I can use a UK version with T-Mobile USA and will HSPA+ work? Also, Verizon is a dick carrier and Google and Samsung USA dropped the ball on the US release. That is all.

That being the case, one wonders what the outright purchase price would be, and how long it will be before carphone warehouse or best buy or some other big chain starts selling them in the states.

I'd probably rather get it from Canada than Britain just for warranty issues, and I'm not at all interested in getting it from my carrier.

It can be cheaper to get a PAYG deal and discard the SIM. (According to a Phones4U rep I spoke to last weekend.)

I want one. Now. My poor NS might be going into retirement soon.
also did anyone notice that the screenshots for the Google+ app in the market are taken from the galaxy nexus and there is even an ics reference in the text in one!

So it seems there really is no reason that we (verizon US customers) should have to pay $300 to get the phone on contract PLUS $11tybillion/mo.

Practically speaking, how close to a release would we 'expect' to see information from Verizon? That is, I would think that there are certain things that have to happen (inputting models into computer systems, display pieces being shipped, etc) that would make it much more likely for a leak to occur simply because more people (e.g., all VZW staff members) are able to find that information.

Clearly Verizon couldn't roll it out tomorrow because there must be some necessary steps that need to occur before that, but haven't yet occurred. many days in advance of release do we think that Verizon would have to start taking these steps?

Store reps don't necessarily know squat, unless its its front of them.

I went to a AT&T store last week to see if they had a working model of the Vivid I could demo (they didn't, nor the Skyrocket..) and was talking to the sales jerk about phones in general. I said I really would like the Galaxy Note but just that importing one seemed like a head ache..he had never heard of it.
I also mentioned that it'd be nice if AT&T would at least acknowledge the Nexus, so we could have a idea when to expect it..never heard of the GNex either..
I'm dumbfounded at this point. I mean this is the guys job and he hasn't heard of these phones?? I asked why he thought Samsung went with the Qualcomm processor they put in the Skyrocket over the Exynos chip in the rest of the SGSII's and he had no clue what I was talking about. Said "they're the same phone, the Skyrocket just has a larger screen."..

I had to leave after that.
Point is, its obviously not necessary for them to be informed, seems this guy was just there for a paycheck.

FREE?!?!?!?!! This is absolutely ridiculous what we pay over here. I think this post just made me more depressed than anything that the carriers get away with what they do. Regardless of whatever "corporate reasons" they say that have.