HTC One M8 colors

The new HTC One — aka the M8 — comes in not one, not two, but three colors. (And two finishes, actually.) A couple may look familiar, and the third looks pretty stunning.

And, of course, they've all got flouncy names. Consider: Amber Gold, Glacial Silver, and Gunmetal Gray. Otherwise known as gold, silver and gray.

The gold's actually more of a champagne-like color. It's quite subtle, and quite nice. The silver is nearly identical (if not spot-on) to the 2013 HTC One. Both have the same finish as the previous iteration, with just a tad of texture to it.

The Gunmetal Gray is the outlier here. It's done up in a brushed-metal finish that looks quite nice — it's our favorite, if only because it's a little different. But it's also a bit glossy. Not to the point that fingerprints are an issue, but it tends to be a little slick in the hand. It looks great, but we prefer the touch of the gold and silver models.

Have a gander at the gallery.


Reader comments

These are the new HTC One colors


Wow! You guys sure got these posted quick! Almost like you already knew everything about the phone.......

Also, where's the blue one? I really wanted to see a blue one.

Blue one will be a Best Buy exclusive next quarter.

And the press got their hands on the M8 a week ago.

Agree, I would have enjoyed a Black one. I think that was the best colour from the previous One series.

Posted via Android Central App

I agree, I am gutted that they didn't include a Black One. From the previous series the Black was by far the best looking.

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I chatted with a Sprint rep yesterday, and she said that the Stealth Black would be available the 1st week of April. I have the black M7, and it's my favorite color as well.

I would have bought the new HTC One (current S4 owner) had the phone been designed with less bezel. The side bezel is not horrible (similar to S4/S5) but all the wasted space on the bottom of the phone just ruins it for me. I guess I'm waiting on LG to release the G3 now as the S5 does not excite me either...

Agreed. I thought I was the only one bothered by the huge bezel just for the logo

Posted using my Galaxy Note 3 via Android Central App

It's not wasted space. A lot of stuff for Blyth the screen and other things are sitting behind it.

Posted via Android Central App

Good Lord. Enough with that crap. People accuse Google devices of copying Apple because you also hold Google Smartphones in your hand, and these same clowns defend Apple when it's obvious they've stolen software ideas from Google (pull down notification, holo themes, design language of home screen, etc).

Stop digging so deep to try to find ways that someone has stolen the idea from Apple to build a smartphone. Apple wasn't the first and they wont be the last.

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I did love my Red HTC One I got for Sprint when they released it even though I'm using my G2 now...

I'm still probably getting one of these but I'd love to see the Red return.

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Why is it when Apple released a gold phone it was called tacky? Now both HTC and Samsung have gold phones and they are praised for it.

That being said, Apple and HTC got it right. Samsung not so much. The gold galaxy s5 is just horrible.