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Maybe we're just not cat people. On the other hand, it looks to be a really well-done live wallpaper. It's 99 cents in the Android Market. Stroke and purr your way to links after the break.


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There's nothing at all creepy about this cat-stroking live wallpaper


That's kinda cool. If Google could make it so live wallpapers didn't suck your battery dry, I could see that being pretty popular.

Wow, Android users are so used to seeing Cyanogenmod, that they misspelled the color "Cyan"

Cyanogen is the chemical compound (CN)2
Cyan is a light blue.

That has to be intentional. Either an inside joke or meant to compliment the cyanogenmod.

Though it does just look a lot like cyan...

I honestly doubt it considering the content... but I suppose it could be. On the same note I also can't tell you how many people call HTC phones a "Droid"
Sorry, but that's made by Motorola, what you're referring to is an HTC Evo with Android.