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First TI (Texas Instruments) was shifting away from consumer chip-making. Then it wasn't. Now it seems that it is again. As part of a refocusing of the company, TI is choosing to shift focus away from the consumer electronic chip business and into more enterprise and embedded systems chips. Part of restructuring usually means job cuts, and TI is going to be cutting 1,700 worldwide by the end of 2013. The projected savings for this restructuring is $450 million, which is nothing to sneeze at.

It's again unfortunate to see TI shifting its focus away from the consumer mobile chip business, as it was one of the last main competitors to the likes of Qualcomm and Samsung. TI was also often the go-to option for open source projects -- and if you're an Android nerd, you should be able to appreciate that.

Source: TI News Center; Via: Engadget


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Texas Instruments cutting 1,700 jobs, saving $450 million by end of 2013


Damn Obamacare and Obama's economy!! Oh wait... I forgot... Qualcomm and Nvidia are doing just fine and making further investments in this arena. So, maybe, its free market COMPETITION that's causing this. What a thought...

He's out to kill small businesses and restaurants, and to tax the middle class to pay for the non-working classes handouts.

Bummer, so Samsung won't release good source for Exynos, Some are saying Qualcomm is the reason Nexus 4 isn't open source, and now TI is maybe going away. What kind of CPU are we supposed to get if we want good AOSP ROMs?

Google used the Samsung Exynos 5 chip, the fastest chip EVER, in the N10 and the Qualcomm S4 Pro chip in the N4. There's no way in this universe they would have done that if it couldn't be completely open-sourced. In fact, I think the only major chipset manufacturer Google hasn't used in a Nexus recently is Apple. You only have to go as far back as the Galaxy Nexus to catch TI, Nvidia, Qualcomm, and Samsung. Intel isn't major in mobile just yet; I'm curious to see how open they are with their platforms.

If you look at Intel's track record then you can expect good things. The open source support they currently offer for Linux is excellent.

So only Samsung's left to make open-source chips. Sigh, does that mean we're forced to get Galaxies? No more Nexuses and others?

I hope that this doesn't mean that in the near future, the Galaxy Nexus is going to have problem when updating drivers and libs. :(

I'm sad to see TI shifting its focus. I was looking forward to their OMAP 5 platform. I thought those were supposed to be the first to market running Cortex A15, Jerry?