Update: Whoopsie. This one's been pulled. Have fun in the Google gulag.

Got some time on your hands? Feel free to watch the 10 minute video* above that showcases the UI of the Nexus One in all it's glory. Obviously it's still Android and familiar, but there's a lot more eye candy and fresher elements dropped in to give a more beautiful experience. We've seen a lot of this before in previous videos but it's definitely a lot clearer in this go around. The whole Android experience looks incredibly fast and fluid--the Nexus One definitely looks like the Android device to own when 2010 kicks off.

[via gizmodo]

*there's a slight NSFW moment around the 2 minute mark, so yeah.

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cj100570 says:

Android.... Wow, Not! Why are people so interested in videos of this phones UI? Other than the animations it looks just like my MotoDroid.

dane#AC says:

I have a droid, and while I love it, it's clear that the N1 is blazing fast by way of comparison.

showson1 says:

I am SOO psyched for this phone!

It's the only phone in the last year or so that REALLY has me excited!

frettfreak says:

Yeah.. This is the phone that is making me switch from my long run with blackberry.. Very excited about this. The only other phone I am excited to see is the sony x10... Hmmmmm.

Anonymous says:

no sound?

darreno1 says:

This doesn't seem much faster than the Droid at all. And 2.1 runs faster than 2.0 on the Droid from what I read so some of the improvement is in the OS itself. I'll wait a few generations before thinking about anything new. By then they should be well above the 1gz mark.

I can't wait for the official 2.1 release though. I do like what I'm seeing of it here.

vbsteven says:

Video has been deleted.

Anonymous says:

Video has been re-uploaded, watch it while you can!


Anonymous says:

Video re-deleted, could somebody upload it to rapidshare or some similar service?

Anonymous says:

damn, it's re-deleted, please upload again!!!

Anonymous says:

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SDsc_rch says:

i think this thing looks AMAZING!


only problem for me is...... no keyboard! i *hate* to type on touchscreens!!

will get a next-gen android - but its gotta have a real keyboard