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A couple of weeks ago, we got a look at a TELUS document detailing their revised Ice Cream Sandwich update schedule for their Android devices. There's another updated document out there now, detailing in particular a specific "in market" date for the Samsung Galaxy Note of July 13. The ICS update for the Note brings among other things enhanced S-Pen applications, and is well worth the upgrade. 

Of other Samsung devices on the list, the Galaxy Tab 10.1 remains pencilled for late July, but it's smaller sibling, the Galaxy Tab 8.9, has now slipped to August. 

Source: TELUS via Mobilesyrup

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tompro53 says:

When am I going to get ics on my epic 4g touch?

briankurtz79 says:

When you root it and throw ics on it!

Ics will already be on the Galaxy Note when it hits T-Mobile July 11th...I will hold out for the NOTE 2 or the NEXT NEXUS come November.Meanwhile it's GALAXY S3 time for me all on T-Mobile....

Rrennick says:

Cool, can't wait for them to release it!