Samsung Galaxy Nexus

TELUS took to Twitter to officially the news that has been known for a few days now. They will indeed be launching the Samsung Galaxy Nexus on their network for Canadians to make use of. If you're looking to pick one up,  you'll be expected to fork over $159.99 on a three year term. But, if you're not one who digs contracts TELUS will have the device for $650 outirght, $600 on a 1-year term while a two year contract will set you back $550.

More info: TELUS

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lornaevo says:

Sprint better hurry or it will be old news by the time they are ready.

kinster02 says:

It already is.

Croak#AC says:

It's actually going to be $99 on a 3-year shackle, at least for this month.

reidoreilly says:

who the hell would lock themselves into a 2 year deal just to save $100?

Bishounen says:

I guess it depends on how carrier loyal you are. Me? I'm a Sprint customer. Have been for 15 years, don't plan on changing. Especially since they are the only unlimited carrier left. if that changes, I will reconsider. but not for now. As such, a 2 year agreement is really no big deal.

Now if Sprint would just HURRY UP AND LAUNCH THE *&@^#*&@^%#@ G-NEX! I've been sitting on an upgrade for over 6 months and I WANT THE G-NEX!